Zurli and Zana Maseluta

Zurli and Zana Maseluta

Every Saturday, from 11.00 am, the Zurli Band plays in AFI PALACE Cotroceni, at the ZORKY PLANET playground, located on the first floor of the mall.
This Saturday awaits you with the show "Zana Maseluta"!

Maseluta fairy comes to Earth in search of Bunuta Danuta, the dentist who must save the kingdom of Beautiful Teeth. Together with the children, the two make a plan to eliminate Caries. Caria feeds with the leftovers that children leave between teeth after not eating. And she, Caria, Flemish, is looking for children who do not brush their teeth, with whom she wants to become friends.

A story where the problem of brushing your teeth is slightly different. The approach is the opposite - if you don't brush your teeth, Caria will feed on the leftovers you leave there and grow big, big in your teeth and cheeks. And what child wants to be friends with Caria?
The costumes are very beautiful and cheerful, the music and the choreography engaging, the show is full of education and cheerfulness.
The entry is free!!! No reservation required in advance !!!
Facepainting FREE!

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