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Names from the last century returned to fashion

Names from the last century returned to fashion

Many modern parents have resorted to the fashion of the past century and to its history as an inspiration for choosing the child's name. They studied the most fashionable names of the time and came to the conclusion that many of them must be brought back to life. Here are the most popular names of the last century that have become fashionable again in the birth certificates of modern children!

Michael (Mihai)

Michael is one of the most popular boy names of all time. It was in the top 50 names for over 100 years and climbed to the top of the fashion names ranking in 1954, where it remained for 38 years.

Michael was one of the 7 Archangels, but also the leader of the heavenly hosts in the Old Testament. His name was borne by many kings, kings and saints, throughout the history of mankind.


It is one of the most popular, popular and chosen names for girls worldwide. Its popularity began to expand last century, just before entering the 20th century and remained in the top spot until 1960.

It is a name with strong biblical resonances, the name of Mary being carried by the Blessed Virgin, the mother of Jesus Christ.


James is a very strong and beloved Bible name in the world.

The name became very popular long before the last century, by 1602, when James Stuart ascended the throne of England.

The surname James has remained in the top 5 most popular boy names in America for over 100 years. In 1981, it lost popularity, but still remained in the top 20 most beautiful and chosen names for children.


Linda is considered to be a first name derived from Belinda or Melinda or from the Spanish term with the same name, which means "beautiful".

The name earned its place in the top 10 popular names of the last century, between 1940 and 1965, due to the great successes of two great actresses: Linda Darnell and Linda Christian.


Robert is the name used by many Scottish kings. It is a name that has entered the top 40 favorite names of the parents of the last century and has remained there for more than 100 years.

In the modern era, American parents have increasingly resorted to derivatives of this name, such as Roberts, Robertson, Robbie, etc.


Patricia is the feminine name derived from the masculine Patricius, worn by many members of the Romanian social and political classes.

The first name was ascended to the top of the names chosen for children, in 1886, when Princess Patricia, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, was born.

The strong influence of the name has also been preserved in the last century, thanks to the fame of one of the most important actresses in film history - Patricia Neal. She had an impressive career, which spanned no less than 50 years, from 1940 to 1990, when her name also inspired many parents to be borne by their children.


John is perhaps the best known or popular name in history. Lots of iconic figures in history have borne this name - priests, saints, kings, emperors, heroes and even country presidents. It also has an impressive biblical resonance, being carried by Saint John the Baptist himself, the one who christened Jesus in the waters of the Jordan.

In the past, the first name was at the top of the ranking in the top of the popular names of children, more than 40 years, more precisely from 1880 until 1923. It was restored to "life" and returned to the trends of names for children in modernity, when It was worn by a lot of fashion celebrities.


David is a very strong name for boys, with an important religious significance, belonging, among others, to the one who created the Biblical Psalms.

He was carried by one of the most important kings of Israel, famous for defeating the great Goliath.

After for 80 years it was in the top 33 most popular names of children, in 1960, it climbed quickly to the top of the ranking, where it was kept constant.

Which of the last century's names do you like the most? How does your child call his name and how did you choose his name? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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