8 things you need to know about silent children, especially if you have one too

8 things you need to know about silent children, especially if you have one too

The first thing that comes to mind when you see a silent child is that they might be shy. They tend to hide behind their parents when someone tries to communicate with them and avoid responding, but this is not their only characteristic.

In fact, there are many more things you need to know about silent children, their predisposition to quiet is much more complex than you might imagine at first sight.

So here are 8 unique things about this type of children!

1. I'm not necessarily shy

Shyness and the pleasure of being quiet and silent can be correlated, but not in all cases. Silent children are not necessarily shy, they can only be reserved. Once you get to know them, they completely lose their shyness. These are the kind of people who prefer to observe, wait and analyze before diving into certain situations and being confident in them and very determined when trying something new.

2. Listen and process all the information

Silent children listen and observe everything that is going on around them. I hear the comments about their shyness, even if they seem to ignore you. So you have to be careful what you say about them, even if they seem absent, because they are not and they process everything they hear.

3. They do not need to be forced to speak to strangers

Silent children do not feel at all comfortable when they need to communicate with new people, and you, as a parent, should not force this just to please strangers, but you should to give more importance to the needs and wishes of your child.

4. Inside them more things happen than they let themselves be seen

Even if they are introverted, silent children are not deprived of sensations and emotions. If you give such a child the opportunity to express himself or herself, in a journal for example, you will be surprised at how many things are happening inside or even if they do not externalize them as you do.

5. I do not feel the need to be in the center of attention

Even if they are friendly, that doesn't mean they like being in the spotlight. Silent children prefer 1: 1 interaction and, if more things happen simultaneously, they will not strive to capture attention, but will enjoy the opportunity to observe. Thus, in a larger group, silent children will prefer to listen to others and learn from them than to take the initiative themselves.

6. They are silent, but not necessarily quiet

In cases where they feel comfortable and are in their familiar places, the silent children consume their energy as fiercely as the hyperactive and very sociable ones. Their predisposition to the introverted side has nothing to do with the need to play, to make friends or to consume their energy.

7. It is worth the effort to get to know them

Often, adults avoid interacting with silent children, as this would mean that they themselves will make more efforts. If the extroverts initiate the dialogue themselves and invite you to play, in the case of the extroverts you will have to take the initiative and show them that you are interested in getting to know them, finding out as much about them, playing with them, playing them help you develop and learn new things from them.

8. They want to talk about their hopes and desires

Silent children have dreams, just like the others and they want to talk about them, even if their strengths do not include communication. Find out what their passions are, find out how they feel in certain situations, ask them questions if you want to discover them.

They all need someone capable of listening to them and not infrequently they will try to find that one in their parents, teachers, mentors. Silent children need to be heard and understood, just like the others.

Even if they cannot share their wants and desires with everyone, that does not mean that they do not want to share them at all.

Is your child silent? What methods did you use to communicate more easily with him? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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