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Find out what are the benefits of water consumption in children!

Find out what are the benefits of water consumption in children!

To have a healthy body, a child must be assured of optimal fluid intake. Children are prone to dehydration, which is why the main source of hydration is water.

Regardless of the season, children must consume water daily. Children aged 1-3 years need 230-570 ml of water per day. That's why, starting June 1, Children's Day, and until the end of this month, Evian and Medicover invite you to enjoy every moment and put your imagination to play.

All children arriving in June in the Medicover clinic network will receive a gift from Evian. For newborns and their families, Evian prepared a 2-story CD, two bottles of Evian natural mineral water and a letter informing them of the importance of hydration. The older children, who will arrive in Medicover clinics, in June, Evian has prepared a coloring book, with CD included, and two bottles of Evian natural mineral water.

What are the benefits of water consumption in children?

Water helps the child to have energy, to have a good mood and to help the functioning of all organs in the body. The factors that influence the fluid intake needed by the body are:

- age;

- the weight;

- outside temperatures;

- physical effort;

- health status.

Water is the main source of hydration and is recommended by doctors, which is why it is vital to teach the little ones to consume water - to convey to them that drinking water is a healthy and essential habit for a harmonious development.

Water remains the most recommended drink for hydrating the body and should not be missing from the daily nutrition of the child. It is important to teach children to drink water constantly, not to drink water only when they are thirsty. When temperatures are high it is advisable for the little ones to drink water every 20 minutes with small swallows.

Did you know that: Evian natural mineral water is untouched by man, perfected by nature, bottled directly from the source and tested 300 times a day, to ensure its purity? Evian is the natural mineral water that brings the hydration you need, in the best microbiological conditions. From the French Alps and bottled after 15 years of natural filtration.

Hydration is important every day because the human body is made up mainly of water, so water is a vital element for the nutrition of young and old.

Evian mineral water is available in bottles that address both small 0.33 l - perfect for quick hydration at the playground, but also in larger quantities, recommended for the whole family.

Because Evian values ‚Äč‚Äčevery moment you can spend with your loved ones, it offers everyone the opportunity to order natural mineral water, so necessary every day, right at the door of your home. Available for sale with delivery to your door and free shipping in: Bucharest, Ilfov County, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Baia Mare and on

We recommend that you ask your pediatrician for advice on the daily water needs your child needs.

How much water does your child drink daily? How did you manage to introduce water into his daily diet? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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