The first invisible shield against the baskets - URGO SPOT

The first invisible shield against the baskets - URGO SPOT

A&D Pharma Group launches the first "invisible shield" against pimples - URGO SPOT

On Tuesday, June 14th, the launch event of one of the newest products in the FILMOGEL range, URGO SPOT, took place. URGO SPOT is an innovative solution that accelerates the disappearance of baskets, a product with easy use that does not affect the daily makeup ritual.

In a relaxing atmosphere, at a morning coffee, the press guests with Mihaela Calin, Diana Dumitrescu, Cori Gramescu, Maria Andrei, Adina Halas, Roxana Iliescu, Roxana Blagu, spoke with Geanina Ilies, the event's host and Corina Oprescu. , Brand Manager, about the innovation of URGO SPOT in accelerating the disappearance of baskets.

Stella Badea, make-up artist and trainer at I love make-up school, told us about her experience in using this product, about its benefits in a demonstration day makeup session.

Geanina Ilies told about the importance of flawless makeup on television and about the need for a product that allows the unrestricted application of daily beauty products. "All women want to look flawless and the appearance of a basket at the most inappropriate moment can at least ruin our good mood. URGO SPOT is the first solution that allowed me to use all the products in my makeup kit, acting at the same time. active in its treatment. It will definitely have a permanent place in my bag. "

"URGO SPOT is an innovative product from the URGO FILMOGEL range that responds to both the demands of the active treatment of baskets and at the same time a solution for all women concerned about their daily beauty." said Corina Oprescu.

URGO SPOT purifies and acts against pimples without irritating the skin and allows the application of makeup. At the time of use it forms an invisible and protective film for 6 hours, during which time it acts actively in accelerating the disappearance of the baskets. Salicylic acid and essential oil from the tea tree purify and accelerate the disappearance of the basket. This avoids reaching the affected area and reduces the risk of signs occurring. Moreover, unlike other products, it allows the application of makeup in the affected area. In the form of a portable pen, the product is extremely easy to use allowing precise application whenever needed. The product has been clinically tested, 100% of users saying it accelerates the disappearance of pimples.

At this moment the product is available in Sensiblu pharmacies, and from July it can be purchased from all pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies.

More information about URGO products is available at: //www.facebook.com/URGO-Romania-284366998619006/.