Feel on your skin, the miraculous art of immediate results!

Feel on your skin, the miraculous art of immediate results!

-417, cosmetic products inspired by the oldest source of beauty!

Natural beauty and skin health have become a challenge for women around the world, and maintaining the youthful and radiant look is a difficult task when your skin care products are not your allies.

-417 urges you to:

- FEEL the precious and legendary minerals from the Dead Sea water

- GET the exceptional textures of some high quality products

- MIROSI the irresistible fragrance of Nature

- YOU BELIEVE of the miraculous art of immediate results

-417 brought revolutionary solutions and proved that one of the most valuable beauty resources is the Dead Sea. Considered to be the largest SPA in the entire world, the Dead Sea contains 21 different minerals whose therapeutic, beauty and relaxation properties are recognized by us all.

Thus, through research processes, professional expertise and understanding of clients' needs, the -417 range was born, a unique and exclusive line of skin care products, which combines energizing vitamins (A, B, E, D and F), natural extracts from plants with a rich mineral complex from Dead Sea water. Along with the Dead Sea mud, -417 cosmetics are a tribute to natural beauty and skin health.

Discover the oldest source of beauty!

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