How do we make children eat fruits and vegetables?

How do we make children eat fruits and vegetables?

Tips that can help you reduce the risk of raising grumpy children

Familiarizing the child with new tastes means openness to fruit consumption and creating habits to have a balanced diet. Fruit and vegetable juices and mousse are an excellent way to diversify nutrition and play an important role in the development of the child.

Fruits and vegetables are the basis of a balanced diet

Lack of vegetables is one of the most common mistakes in children's nutrition. Vegetables are an important source of vitamins (B, C, beta carotene), minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum) and cellulose - informs WHO. These elements play an essential role for the immunity of the child in the fight against infections and provide an adequate dose of energy.

Therefore, education on fruit and vegetable consumption, as well as eating habits are very important for children. Unfortunately, children tend to choose only the fruits and vegetables they were familiar with, which is why it is very difficult to convince them to try new flavors. What can you do to keep a rude baby from growing up?

Safe ways to get kids to eat

There are multiple factors that cause children to reject the consumption of certain products. Therefore, it is difficult to provide simple solutions, but there are some fundamental principles that can reduce the risk of having a rude and even sick child. Here are the tips offered by Serban Damian, a specialist in sports nutrition, specialization obtained through an international program organized by the International Olympic Committee, dedicated to doctors and led by nutrition specialists from the largest universities in the world:

1. Parents have to decide when, where and what the child will eat, and the child will decide how much to consume.

2. Serve the meal in a quiet room and have the child sit on the chair. Don't distract them.

3. Keep an interval of 3-4 hours between meals and do not give the child snacks.

4. Suggest different products and do not give up when the child refuses to consume them.

5. Give him small portions (such as the size of his sleeve).

6. Reward children when consuming another meal time (a promise might work for a small child and a toy for an older child).

7. Do not use food as a reward / reward.

Juices and mousse for everyone

The introduction of new flavors and consistencies, as well as the increase of food portions, can enrich the child's diet with important nutrients. If the child does not want to eat fruits and vegetables, an alternative may be juices and mousse from fruits and vegetables because they are a natural source of vitamins, organic acids, cellulose and myelogens. Due to their consistency, shape, which makes them easy to serve and their diverse aromas, juices and mousse are ideal for children.

Even though some parents are afraid of choosing juices and mousse from the shops, considering that they contain preservatives and coloring agents, Serban Damian assures us that these fears have no basis.

"I have noticed parents who want to feed their children in a healthy way, but because they are afraid of sugar and preservatives, they do not offer juices and mousse. I have always argued that this is not the right attitude. According to the legal regulations, it is forbidden to add dyes, artificial flavors or sweeteners in 100% juices. 100% Mousse - do not contain preservatives, sugar, syrup or any artificial additives, but they contain vitamins and other nutrients. Eating juices or mousse with different flavors can be a simple and effective way to naturally supplement the diet of children with valuable ingredients from fruits or vegetables. "

The positive effects of proper nutrition are observed only after a certain period of time, so it is recommended that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables be introduced from childhood. Remember, however, that getting used to new flavors is a long process that involves the introduction of new products constantly.

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