Blackberry sweet

Blackberry sweet

The sweetberry of blackberries is prepared at the end of July, when it is the season of the berries.

Preparation time

120 minutes




1, 5 kilograms of blackberries

1.5 kilograms old

0.5 l of flat water

juice from a lemon

half a vanilla stick

mint leaves (optional)

Method of preparation

Wash the walls well and allow them to drain. Put the water in a saucepan, which you put on the fire. Add in the vanilla sauce and lemon juice. Let them boil together until you get a thick sauce.

Then put the walls and let them boil until the sweetness has bound. Try not to mix too much, not to crush the fruit.

And in case you want to get a special aroma, add 1-2 mint leaves. After they are boiled, cook aside and let it cool.

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