Peach sweet

Peach sweet

The peach sweet is very aromatic. It can be served both simple and as a topping for various desserts (pancakes, pandispan, check).

Preparation time

80 minutes




1.5 kg peaches

1 kg old

1 lemon

Method of preparation

Wash the peaches, remove the pips and weigh them so that you have 1.5 kg of fruit without pips. Cut the peaches into thin slices or cubes, then place them in a pot and cover with sugar.

Allow the fruit to leave its juice, then bring to a boil, over low heat. After the sugar has completely melted, increase the flame from the stove and boil the sweetness with thin slices of lemon.

Leave the cake to cool, then put it in jars and pasteurize them in the bain-marie. Store the candy in an airy room.

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