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Your guide in 7 steps to start school: simple tips for moms

Your guide in 7 steps to start school: simple tips for moms

As a mom, you know that you have to prepare in time for the start of a new school year, especially to cope with a busy and very stressful program for both you and the child. The mere thought that you have to go buy groceries gives you headaches? Well, do not worry, there are tricks that can help you make order in chaos.

One month before the start of school

- Shop for school. You will find supplies at promotional prices and you will avoid crowds and queues.

- Think about who your child can leave after the hours are over. Check what after-school options you have, so you don't get stuck in the last hundred yards.

- Do you want to hire a meditator or a nanny to help your children with homework? The selection of candidates starts early. The best ones can be found in summer. Document yourself on the criteria that a good meditator must meet and make a budget, to see exactly how much you can afford to pay for such a person at home.

- Give your child a memorable school day and an easy school year by organizing yourself and preparing everything early.

3 weeks before

- Talk with your child about the challenges of the new school year. Before you open the topic, you can suggest that you watch a movie together about starting school.

- If you go to a new school, it facilitates the transition by visiting together the building in which you will learn. At the same time, you can organize play meetings with new colleagues.

- Register your child for extracurricular activities, organized after school hours. Make sure that these activities are appropriate for your child and they are pleased.

- Watch video material on how to cope with the challenges of a new school year and how to organize effectively.

2 weeks before

- Be skilled and purchase some handicraft items with the theme "Back to school". They will help your child find the school spiritually. In addition, handicraft objects are inspirational gifts for teachers.

- Learn which are the most common problems parents face, around the new school year and find out how to solve them.

- Determines how the little one will get to school and how to return home. Decide if you are ready enough to go to school alone.

A week before

- Contact teachers and ask them for advice on the first day of school.

- Purchase a gift for the child, on the occasion of returning to school.

- Get your child back to sleep during the school year, to get into the rhythm more easily.

One day before

- Go shopping and stock up on healthy foods for breakfast and preparing school packages.

- Spill the last care your child can have, discussing with him about the chance to learn a lot of new things in the new school year and about the opportunity to make new friends.

- Prepare yourself emotionally, waiting for a busy period. Make sure you have organized things properly, for easier management of all tasks.

On the first day of school

- Enter right into the new school year, ensuring your child a relaxed and organized morning.

- Encourage him to tell you about the first day of school, when he returns home.

- Help him get rid of tension after school, engaging in fun games and activities.

- Prepare some simple and healthy snacks to calm his stomach.

After school starts

- Teach your child to love school.

- Pay attention to signs that may indicate that he is being harassed by colleagues or that he is harassing other children.

- Help him do his homework, but don't write to him. Your child should be encouraged to find workouts alone.

- Ask the teacher or tutor how you can get involved in class activities. Your interest in the school will stimulate the child's interest in the study.

- Get ready for your first meeting with your parents, making a list of things you want to discuss.

What measures do you take before the start of the school year? What are the aspects you insist on, so that the child starts school well? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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