Creativity workshops at miniLibri, the only children's book fair

Creativity workshops at miniLibri, the only children's book fair

The only book fair exclusively for children, miniLibri, this year also has a summer edition: June 8 and 9 at the Antipa Museum. The fair is open between 10.00 and 19.00, and the entrance is free.

Children are welcome to participate in the creativity workshops organized by the Soriceilor Library Club. They will be able to write their own story, interpret their favorite story or illustrate the most interesting story.

At miniLibri children will find the most beautiful books at discounted prices up to 35%, educational software, e-readings, they will be able to exchange books and listen to stories in reading some celebrities, they will be able to participate in interactive theater sessions.

The purpose of this fair is to arouse children's interest in reading and to turn reading into a means of relationship between parents and children.

"CEDP Step by Step attaches great importance to early education, the most spectacular period of child development. In this context, miniLibri, the first children's book fair organized in Romania, wants to bring to the attention of the Romanian public the importance of reading starting at ages the smallest ones, "says Carmen Lica, CEDP Executive Director Step by Step, miniLibri organizer.

"The National Museum of Natural History" Grigore Antipa "is honored for the opportunity to get involved in this project, especially because, every year, besides the already traditional projects, the Museum also launches new programs for children of all ages," he says Mrs. Aurora Stanescu, National Museum of Natural History "Grigore Antipa".

The program of the fair

Information can also be found on the miniLibri Facebook page.

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