Donuts in tomato sauce

Donuts in tomato sauce

Donuts in tomato sauce are much tastier than the classic recipe for donuts in vinegar. This recipe is part of the canning recipe category for winter.

Preparation time

100 minutes




3 kg of donuts

0.4 l oil

0.5 l of water

0.3 l otet

100 g old

100 g broth

mustard seeds



Bay leaves

Method of preparation

Boil all ingredients, without donuts, for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut the donuts into thin slices, then give them in a first boil.

Remove the donuts, place them in jars, taking care to put the slices of donuts only in 3/4 of the jar.

Cover the donuts with tomato sauce. Tie the jars with cellophane (or staple them), and put them to cool in beds.

The donuts thus prepared serve as a garnish or as a salad.

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