3 essential features in choosing the dining chair for your child

3 essential features in choosing the dining chair for your child

Is Bebe already sitting down without help? Did he start eating solid food? This usually happens around the age of 4 or 6 months. Then he is ready for his first dining chair.

Here are the most important characteristics that, as parents, we must follow when we decided to buy the dining chair.

1. Is it easy to use and safe? What does this actually mean?

a. Easy to put / remove the child from the chair.

b. Rugged frame.

c. One-hand workable tray.

d. Wheels for better travel and stops on the back, so that no unwanted accidents happen.

e. Compact folding, thus occupying as little space as possible when stored or when traveling.

f. Belt fastening system in 3 or 5 safety points.

g. According to the European regulations in force.

2. It is comfortable?

Definitely you want for your child a table chair that he can use until he will be able to sit on an adult chair. In these conditions, you must consider the following aspects:

a. If set to high.

b. It should be roomy and well padded for maximum comfort.

c. Have the adjustable backrest, for times when you might fall asleep while eating or playing.

d. Have adjustable foot support.

3. Is it easy to clean / maintain?

Children are recognized as real disasters when it comes to meal time, being adept at "eating with their feet". The characteristics that you must consider, in this context, are the following:

a. Removable and preferably vinyl cover for efficient and quick cleaning.

b. Double tray, removable: one for the pope, one for the play. Remember that these trays can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

With all this information, you can go shopping. It remains to choose the color, just have to match the furniture in the kitchen, right?

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