How do we treat indigestion in children?

How do we treat indigestion in children?

When you think of indigestion in children, the first thing that comes to your mind is the upset stomach. Indigestion is a common problem in both children and adults, and no matter how careful you are with your child's nutrition, it may happen that at some point you may feel the unpleasant effects of indigestion.

Causes of indigestion in children

It may happen that the child consumes inappropriate foods at kindergarten or school, eats more than his stomach simply allows him to swallow too much air during the meal. Consumed foods have a hard time and this can cause slight indigestion.

Other possible causes for indigestion in children:

infection with Helicobacter Pylori virus;

gastroesophageal reflux;

stress, anxiety, or depression;

a disorder in the digestive tract;

gastric or duodenal ulcer;

lactose intolerance;


How indigestion manifests in children

Indigestion is accompanied by a burning sensation, felt by the small one in the upper part of the abdomen, and which is most often transmitted from the neck to the esophagus. Besides the burning sensation may also occur:


vomiting sensation;




Be very careful if your symptoms worsen and consult a doctor if:

blood vessels appear;

lack of appetite extends over a period of 24 hours;

a very strong, persistent abdominal pain is felt;

chairs appear blackish or sticky;

the child loses consciousness.

Treatment of indigestion in children

If your child suffers from indigestion, the treatment is relatively simple: diet is recommended, increased fluid intake and physical rest.

The diet should be limited to boiled meat, rice, root soup, steamed or steamed vegetables, cow cheese, banana and baked apple. With these changes in diet, you should also pay attention to smaller portions, avoid late meals, fatty, spicy or fried foods and exclude chocolate or carbonated juices. To help you digest food without problems, encourage your child to chew as many times as possible in each mouth, not to take a lying position for at least 30 minutes after meals and to avoid physical exertion for a long time. hour after lunch.

The DIGEX KIDS product is specially designed for children from the age of 1 year, contains a complex of 8 digestive enzymes that act on a wide range of food compounds, helping their digestion. The enzyme complex represents the perfect solution for the daily digestion of children, stimulates the development of normal intestinal flora and promotes the absorption of nutrients necessary for growth and development of the body: minerals, fat-soluble vitamins. Digex Kids can also be given to children with lactose intolerance.

Dosage and method of administration:

- children 1-3 years: 1 envelope / day;
- children 4-12 years: 1-2 envelopes / day.

The contents of the envelope dissolve in approx. 50 ml of water paid at room temperature or incorporated directly into the hot food (maximum 40 ° C).

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