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Baby food and chairs, what to expect?

Baby food and chairs, what to expect?

Even if in your first months of life, your baby eats only milk, his chairs may differ depending on how he is nourished: breast or powdered milk. After the diversification of the food, the consistency and the frequency of the seats begins to change, due to the introduction of new textures and nutrients in the menu. In the context of all these changes, it may be difficult to figure out when the chairs are the sign that the baby is suffering from a medical problem and when not. Here's what you need to know about the baby's nutrition and chairs, from the first day of life to the diverfisication of nutrition!

The feeding and chair of the newborn

The first baby seat, after birth, is called meconium and is characterized as a thick and sticky substance, dark green to black and does not smell. Usually, the meconium disappears by the third day of the child's life.

The meconium is composed of mucus, amniotic fluid, skin cells and other substances that the baby has swallowed while in your tummy.

From the third day of his life, in his feces, other residues produced by the milk that he is drinking begin to suck.

The baby swallows the milk, which is ingested by stomach acids and transported to the small intestine. The digestible nutrients and water are absorbed in the blood, and the non-digestible ones, the residues, continue to move towards the intestines. If the transport is slow, the water has time to be absorbed and the faeces will have a strong consistency. In the situation where the movement is fast, the water does not have time to be absorbed, and the child has soft, diarrhea stools.

Baby seats differ depending on the food you receive: milk formulas or breast milk.

Breastfeeding baby chair

If you breastfeed the baby, his or her seats will have a creamy consistency, and the color will be yellow-green, similar to mustard. They do not have a high frequency. Almost all the components of breast milk are absorbed into the body. There are very few residues that are evacuated. It is not excluded that the baby does not have a chair in a row.

The consistency or color of the baby's feces is also influenced by your diet. When you breast feed, what you eat is reflected in the child's seats. Depending on this criterion, their odor also depends, which in general is very subtle. But if it is influenced by certain foods that you have consumed, it may be a little more pregnant.

If the chair is very light in color and has a soft but foamy consistency, it is most likely that the baby is not getting enough nutrients from milk.

Baby chair fed with powdered milk

The baby fed with milk formulas has a slightly darker seat and slightly pasty consistency. Its colors may differ from yellow-brown, brown-green and are also influenced by the type of nutrients with which certain types of milk are fortified.

The smell of baby milk powdered baby seat is slightly stiffer than breastfeeding.

Baby seat after the diversification of nutrition

With the introduction of solid foods in the child's menu, after 6 months, the consistency and color of the chairs begin to change, depending on what they eat. For example, carrots introduced to the baby's diet can give the chair a slightly orange look. It only happens when the food does not break down, because they have an intestinal tract too fast. This phenomenon occurs when the baby eats too fast and too much.

If the chairs constantly have undigested foods in them, it is advisable to call a doctor. A careful consultation and a few medical analyzes will be able to determine if the intestines of the child correctly absorb the nutrients from the food they consume.

You have to worry that something is not in order with the child's digestion when the seats are either too light and very soft, watery, or dark and strong.

In the case of your baby, how have the chairs changed depending on the diet? Did you have any problems from this point of view? What foods influence the color and texture of baby seats? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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