The 4 best tips for raising an independent child. Do you implement them?

The 4 best tips for raising an independent child. Do you implement them?

Every parent wants an independent and caring child, but it is not so easy to give up the instinct to protect him.

An independent child will be an adult with a bright future, he will be successful, always with a solution at hand and he will devise a path that you will definitely be proud of. Of course, in the parenting mission you never have the guarantee that what worked for other children will also work for your child, but it is totally worth applying the tips, to develop their independence, because he will definitely have won. The principles are not hard, just putting them in constant application is the most difficult part. Here's what you have to do:

1. Show her in her daily activities that she can easily and easily do without you. Here's how

Your child asks for your help for everything and it is absolutely natural to be so until a certain age and for certain actions. Without pressing or refusing to help him, just show him how well he can do without you. An excellent example is the roads and trips you make every day.

Most likely you get used to putting it in the car, putting it on a tricycle to push yourself or other such modes of transport. Try something else, get yourself a bicycle and a means of transport to master it without difficulty.

Just look at these electric scooters for children to find the easiest means of transportation for him and to show him that he can move anywhere without you. It's fun, but also very useful and you won't even notice when it will get used to going without any help from you. In this way you will have a true victory: you will trust in himself!

2. Praise them every success and do not compare it with other children

The biggest mistake you can make as a parent is to use the comparison as a weapon to get him to do something. Not only will it not work, but you will hurt the child and restore his confidence in his own strengths. Instead, praise his successes sincerely and show him that you are proud of him. It is the most beautiful and constructive gesture you can do to your little one.

3. Involve him in domestic activities, teach him to do them and do not tell him that you can do better without him

Children always want to do whatever their parents see as they do. Do you wash the dishes? He wants it too! Do you cook? As if he were putting his hands on the vegetables you are preparing. Take this desire of his as an opportunity to learn these things. We know that it often seems easier to do them alone, but this involvement in your daily activities will greatly help in your development.

4. Encourages socialization, outings and the discovery of new places

Every day is about the same - your child plays a little with the neighbors in the block, go together to the nearest park, maybe a little at the supermarket, then back home. Did you recognize yourself in this description? Then you need to work on it and get your child out of his comfort zone.

Go to other parks, where to meet other children besides those around the house, go to the movie, the puppet theater and make a call to show them a new place once a month. Don't leave him at home even when you go on vacation, even though it might be more relaxing for him to stay with his grandmother. Familiarize it with long walks, new people, new environments. You will see a change in his attitude very quickly.

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