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Be active and helpful!

Be active and helpful!

The feeling of usefulness is a universal law of health.
When we think of ourselves as useless, when we fail to find meaning in our lives, a reason for being, there is no reason to live. Life becomes a series of unimportant and unrelated events, an endless story that, we are sure, was not written for us. No role was foreseen for us! To live like this means to live in continuous despair, in sadness, in nothingness. And despair is at the antipode of health; it carries the germs of the disease, opens its gates wide.
In order to ensure your health, you need to start on the path to self-fulfillment. Age does not matter. Health is determined to be and to do, and not to look or to have. The law of utility prevails in any period of life, but as we get older, the more important it becomes to subscribe to it. Retired young people, as well as older people, should have, more than anyone else, all the interest in being subject to them.
I had responsibilities, duties, tasks. We strived to learn, to educate ourselves and to get a good job; then we discovered the couple's life, we established a family. Between work and children, between home and social activities, life was an effervescent whirl of self-fulfillment and fulfillment.
And all of a sudden, one day, the children leave to make a point somewhere else. This stage itself represents an important challenge for women who have dedicated their lives to raising children and managing household chores. Those who have not prepared to go through this inevitable phase consider it painful and awful. They have the impression that they are in front of a waterfall pit, a gap that calls them, which shatters them. Depressions that often take control of these women are a harsh reaction to the sense of worthlessness that suddenly engulfs them. Before health problems arise, these women must take care and learn how to do it to achieve other plans.
The same phenomenon happens with the new retirees. Although at present there are numerous courses to prepare people for retirement, too few enroll in them. Consequence: retirees quickly get the impression that their days are empty, that the future does not reserve them any good, that they gave everything they could and that they had nothing to offer, although until then they did not perceive retirement as an end, but that on the beginning of a new existence. To enjoy this new state, you must learn to be busy, to fulfill each day in a different way. He must continue to get up early in the morning, get dressed immediately after waking up, set goals every day, week, year. You must permanently undertake something, be active, continue to look for a way to achieve it, to continue to move forward, to make constructive projects. He must be convinced that society still needs them. Only by being firmly convinced of this, will they succeed in being active and keeping themselves healthy. In any case, society needs them in countless ways.
However, how many of the new retirees, even fifty-year-olds, are lying in front of the TV in a dark basement without venturing to throw their nose out? I receive at home the newspaper and the milk, to be sure that they will not have to leave the house. Anyway, it's always too cold or too hot ... Bad habits get out quickly, but they hardly get rid of them. We must avoid at any cost to fall into this trap. It's too dangerous. Do not easily deal with this state of affairs; rather, assume it.
In order to live a long healthy life - several studies have shown this - you need to know how to keep yourself busy: to be active daily, to work. To give up, to shut up, to let the days slip by is to choose illness and death. It can be seen how the elderly who do not expect anything from life are extinguished much faster. However, if he had kept in them at least a little curiosity, he could still enjoy beautiful moments. But they fell prey to dislocation and were quickly caught in the atrophy gear (that is, decrepitude). It is a known and recognized model. From the physical point of view, it does not take long for the body to feel: the heart weakens, the muscles and bones become more fragile, the aging settles at a spectacular speed. But what we need to remember is that the process thus triggered can be stopped at any time, to the extent that the taste of life returns and is doubled by the return to an activity and a healthy life hygiene.
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Don't stop!

The belief that you must limit your activities with aging is good to throw in the garbage, if our greatest wish is to stay healthy as long as possible. Even when they start to get older, many people lose their training and fitness. In order for our body to be in shape, we must ask for some effort. The more we ask them, the more they can provide us with the goods. When we leave it at rest, after the smallest effort we will feel as if we have climbed a mountain. Even traditional medicine has recognized in recent decades that it is wrong to prescribe convalescents to stay in bed for a long time. Today, a few hours after a major operation you are urged to get up. The reason is simple: the sooner you resume your activity, the faster you will regain your strength.
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Each has its mission on Earth.
Maybe you haven't found one yet, maybe you haven't been made known yet, you don't doubt it: you have one. Be prepared, be open, and it will appear sooner or later.
Sometimes this takes us by surprise, it appears to us at an unexpected turn, far away from the place where we thought we would find it. Other times, it takes on a different form from what we imagined. We can spend our whole life working in a field because, when we reach retirement age, we feel that we have not really fulfilled our mission. It's one more reason to keep moving forward. Maybe the true meaning is about to appear, maybe the revelation is in front of us. Life goes on, whatever our age!
You need to convince yourself of this in order to hope that you will live healthy for a long time. Never allow yourself to be trapped in the corridor of death. Continue to live like a living man and look for your place: create it, invent it. Your place and mission is the best motivation to continue your journey.
Each one has in itself the potential needed to achieve and fulfill it. Leaving it in a latent state, you will say "no" to life. You must know how to recognize your own qualities and exploit them, not to remain inactive and to become anxious.
Be creative and find your own path. Do not let others show you the way, because there is little chance that it will meet your expectations. Be open to your possibilities and potential and exploit them. You will be happy and have a better chance of staying longer.
Moreover, the very notion of utility itself necessarily implies a certain form of giving. The services you provide to others will make you do what's best for you. Indirectly, what you give will get you back, especially in the form of self-esteem and personal evolution. Self-giving and unconditional love have their place in the pursuit of general health. Others need you, and you have the qualities and talents to put in their service. Time, experience and the power of understanding are ways to give yourself without spending any money. You do not need to be rich to really give; aren't the poor often the most generous?
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