Halloween sweets that children can make

Halloween sweets that children can make

It is not the case to already imagine the cook on your child of several anisors, stand in the kitchen, with the cap, measuring the quantities of flour, sugar and other ingredients, and preparing the Halloween sweets alone. But you can cook the goodies together and you can let him finish them and decorate them in the spirit of the coming holiday.

Here are some interesting ideas, in the spirit of Halloween, through which the child can make his debut as a perfect culinary artist! They will be not only tasty, but also "tasty", and the great merit will be of your talented child!

Skeletal bricks

Prepare with the child some bricks for the Halloween table. Let him also contribute to their preparation and shape them. Then, when they are ready, allow them to decorate them with skeletons.

First, prepare the brioche, taking care to cut the top part, raised, so that the surface above it is flat. Coat a little surface with chocolate cream and then let the child decorate it, forming the body of the skeleton in pieces of white maripani.

Sweet ghosts

It is not compulsory to be able to prepare sweets, because then you infuse them into sticks to become lollipops.

You can buy the puppies directly, and then you can teach the child to turn them into cute ghosts, with the help of the martipan or napkins.

Left pudding

The pudding that your child a pope always with such pleasure can turn into a scary craft, perfect to capture the spirit of Halloween.

Put the preparation in a plastic glass and let the child decorate it with dark fruits on top and, with a black jar, draw a scary face on the glass. It is a simple transformation that any child could understand.

Eye shades

The banal white stripes you want to make for Halloween, along with the baby, can be transformed into all kinds of characters or symbols for the holiday.

An interesting and nastrusnic idea that your little one might play is to transform the bezels into eye shapes. It needs colored chocolates, as an iris, and a little red food coloring, for a more ominous effect.

Cookies spider

Donuts are among the simplest sweets to prepare, but also to decorate, because they are suitable for a lot of designs and ideas.

One of them could be the spiders' theme, with which the child could have fun, trying to form the freshly baked cookies.

He needs some legs made of chocolate sticks, small and colorful eye candy and a chocolate candy for his head. The rest is just your child's creativity!

Witch hat

Although the face of witches is a pattern most commonly found and adopted by parents and children for Halloween, we suggest you be more original and make together the sweetest and most delicious witch hat.

You need a croissant of ice cream, cocoa, a round snack and more assortments of chocolates. Fill the cornet with chocolate cream or candy and flip it over the pastry, then stick it with colored cream and put the chocolates around.

What child does your sweet Halloween masterpiece boast about? What kind of goodies came out of his small, handsome hands? Tell us in the comments section below!

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