Bike Fest 2012, the biggest event dedicated to urban cyclists

Bike Fest 2012, the biggest event dedicated to urban cyclists

Over 3500 cyclists were present on the weekend of September 29-30 at the largest event for urban cyclists. The Bike Fest 2012 series of events was opened on Saturday morning with the Pentathlon, a competition for amateur cyclists, with over 700 competitors registered.

Bike Fest 2012 continued with competitions, presentations, debates, concerts, movie screenings, exhibition of new bicycles and used bicycle fair, as well as creative workshops and competitions on two wheels for the little ones.

"It was a great day! The Bike Fest competitions and activities gathered a lot of people in the park, the vast majority of them on bicycles. I think no one doubts that the number of cyclists is increasing. that urban cyclists exist, that we must be recognized, that we also have new rights. And perhaps first and foremost - the right to share the road with drivers, "said Raluca Fiser, president of the Green Revolution Association.

On Sunday, approximately 2000 people participated in the sports activities brought to the World Class Romania park.

Over 300 flirty bikers took part in the Skirt Bike Tour on the route: Izvor Park - Splaiul Independentei - Politehnica Park - Splaiul Independentei - Izvor Park.

Bike Fest 2012 also offered substantial prizes to participants and visitors: bicycles, helmets and gloves and more.

is a partner of the event organized by Green Revolution.