Ladies deodorant top

Ladies deodorant top

Deodorants are some of the care products that you use daily and you have to be very confident that they keep you always fresh and clean. Even if the main criterion you select is perfume or efficiency, there are other principles that women choose, which are related to price, accessibility, brand or how they affect or stain clothes.

Here are the top most appreciated deodorants for women! Deodorants or antiperspirants for women are divided into several types: roll-on, stick or spray! Women choose antiperspirants based on their preferences, the level of physical activity they have daily, the type of skin they have, but also depending on how much they sweat.

Rejoice Crystal

Rexona is one of the best known names in the antiperspirant products industry. It is the most reliable ally of sports and active women against perspiration. It covers a wide range of products - roll-on, stick or spray type - and they have all kinds of variants for sensitive, dry skin, powder products or invisible variant.

The newest product range is Rexona Crystal, with new anti-scent and scent protection. It is an extremely popular range of consumers.

Where to Go Fresh

Dove is another well-known brand among deodorants and women's care products. Over the years, Dove has launched several variants of spray deodorants and more, but "Go Fresh" is the range that has attracted the most fans.

It is praised by consumers as having a long lasting protective effect and a very good value for money.

Nivea Energy Fresh

Nivea Energy Fresh is a strong candidate in the fight declared by the manufacturers of cosmetics against perspiration. It is the deodorant that "does not leave you hard." At least this is deduced from the reviews and opinions of the consumers of this product.

It successfully enters the top of the best or bought women's deodorants.

Adidas Fruity Rhythm

Adidas has always been one of the strongest fighters against perspiration and unpleasant odor. Each new product in the antiperspirant category has proven its efficiency and confirmed that the Adidas range remains a power in this area.

The Fruity Rhythm range, with a discreet fruit scent, quickly entered the top of women's preferences and proved to be among the best ladies deodorants.


Burjois is a newer range of skincare products that entered the Romanian market, but which has quickly gained followers, at least in the category of antiperspirant deodorants, which more and more women praise as being extremely effective against perspiration and unpleasant odor.

Garnier Mineral

Garnier is another well-known brand among women care products. Anti-perspirant deodorants are among their best-selling products. This range of care has managed to easily win the confidence of women and has not disappointed them.

It makes Mystic Moments

Fa remains a deodorant with age on the Romanian market and one of the most popular antiperspirant products for women. The price-quality ratio has always been one that has satisfied the tastes of women. Its affordable price makes it even more attractive for ladies.

What is your favorite deodorant and why? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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