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10 benches for children

10 benches for children

The sense of humor is an extremely important part of any child's development. Unlike other innate abilities, humor is acquired, and one of the essential methods by which you can cultivate it in its development is to grow it in an environment sprinkled with jokes of good quality. The small child cannot understand the banks of the big people, which is why he must be exposed to the benches in his sense.

Here are some types of tips perfectly adapted to the young age, through which to arouse the laughter of your little one!

10 benches for children

  • Parent: What do elves learn in school?
  • Child: Elf-betul!
  • A man stopped on a Friday in a small town. He stayed for two days and left on Friday. How is it possible to have arrived Friday and gone all Friday, but only two days have passed?
  • On his horse he called "Friday".
  • What did the figure say 0 to 8?
  • Beautiful strap!
  • Teacher to student: You're not paying attention to me! Do you have hearing problems?
  • Student: No, just listening.
  • Teacher to student: Why does your topic seem to be written by your father? It resembles his handwriting!
  • Student: Because I used his pen!
  • Child: Mommy, Mommy, write me a letter for Rabbit, please!
  • Mom: But why don't you write it?
  • The child: Because it surely gives me a grammar book, if you see how I write!
  • How do you realize that carrots are good for sight!
  • Because no rabbit wears glasses!
  • If you removed the horn of an elephant, how could he smell it?
  • With or without the horn, it would still smell ugly!
  • Teacher to students: Does anyone know why fish are silent?
  • A student: Because I stand with my head under water.
  • Student on the phone: Hello, teacher, my little girl is feeling sick today and will not be able to come to school.
  • Teacher: Hello, but who am I talking to?
  • Student: My mother is on the phone!

The sense of humor in children

The sense of humor is an important quality, which helps the child to be more sociable, creative, optimistic and to learn to easily get out of tangled or tense situations. You, as a parent, play an essential role in cultivating this quality in his education.

The most important thing is to take care to develop a quality humor. The child can fall at any time into ridicule and into the trap of offending benches, if it is not learned which jokes are good or good and which are beyond the limits.

It is recommended that the child learns from an early age what are the quality tips, but also that it is not advisable to make jokes on behalf of other people, their physique, the way they dress or other aspects of this kind.

The child learns best what is quality humor through the example that you and other family members give in this regard. Avoid making jokes of poor quality, because the child absorbs, at an early age, everything he hears around, and later, he will implement them.

What jokes do you know for children? Have you ever taught a joke to your child? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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