Craft and peasant art - glass painting workshop

Craft and peasant art - glass painting workshop

On Saturday, April 8, from 11:00 am, children over 12 and adults eager for new chromatic experiences are expected at a painting workshop on glass, meant to bring to the attention of the participants the Romanian peasant art.

The workshop takes place at Education Point, Str. Mendeleev, Nr. 7-15, Sector 1, Bucharest, under the guidance of the technician in the mural painting Irina-Anca Zarinschi.

"We invite you to a workshop in which we want to show you that the Romanian peasant icons have created a true art, specific to our country.

We will practice the technique of painting on glass, we will talk about the specific themes and styles of certain geographical areas, inspirations, materials used, but most of all I want to see this workshop as an opportunity to make a gift of great significance to the soul and on which you can give to your loved ones.

The topics chosen are as simple as they are so beautiful.

The image icon is painted at the age of 10-12 years. The most colorful icon out there, which brings me invaluable memories ... "- Irina-Anca Zarinschi

"Iconic on the glass, modest and unpretentious, but shining and captivating through its living chromatic, a fringe of <>, mirrored in a glass piece stuck in a humble fir tree frame - it was within reach of even the poorest of Romanian plows, partially located, still in the eighteenth century in a state of slavery, intended for the peasants and worked by them, the icon on the glass was used by the language spoken by the people, by its plastic symbols and codes, translating the message of the Orthodox faith into those. who from her were expecting relief and protection. " The peasant painting on the glass - Iuliana and Dumitru Dancu

The workshop consists of a 2-hour session, and the materials and frame are provided.

Registrations they can be reached at: [email protected] or 0722 740 049 - Irina-Anca Zarinschi.

Workshop Contribution: 80 RON - The payment can be made in the account opened at the Transilvania Bank, beneficiary ASSOCIATIA PASI TO ARTA, IBAN RO21BTRLRONCRT0363654801.

You're welcome!