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Tips for the harmonious growth of your baby: from family education to proper nutrition

Tips for the harmonious growth of your baby: from family education to proper nutrition

Being a mom is wonderful, unique and unparalleled experiences you will experience in the new profession. But mother status also comes with many responsibilities. A good start in being a mother determines a good future for your child. He needs increased attention from you still from your tummy. Taking care of your baby from its first years of life puts its mark on its further development.

In order for your baby to grow harmoniously, you need to make sure you provide a good education and healthy nutrition. The first step to achieving both goals is breastfeeding. By feeding on milk from you, the baby will receive all the nutrients necessary for a healthy and harmonious development, thus developing his immune system.

Pediatricians recommend exclusive breastfeeding within the first 6 months. Then, you can start diversifying your baby, which doesn't necessarily mean you can't breastfeed. The food should be easy to digest for the child, such as, for example, fruit purees (excluding citrus fruit in the first year).

New foods should be introduced one at a time, so your baby can get used to them. It is also good to pay attention to the baby's reactions to various foods and consult a doctor if you find that something is wrong.

A harmonious growth of the child also means a balanced parental attitude. This means not to exaggerate with love and protection, but not to let the child feel their lack. There is now a program designed to support mothers: Health for Moms and Infants - SAMAS. This program aims to promote maternal health, with equal partners: Crucea Alba Foundation, Red Cross humanitarian organization branch 6, Nutricia company.

If you feel you need perinatal counseling, extra advice, now you have the opportunity to seek such specialized advice. Assistants in the SAMAS program can help you with all your problems and needs after pregnancy. For starters, you can call the SAMAS Assistants starting with February 2014, only in Bucharest.

Thus, you can learn how to breastfeed properly, you can receive specialized advice on how to care for your baby, about its nutrition and everything related to the physical and emotional health of your baby.

But not only babies need attention and protection, but also mothers. Within the SAMAS program, as the title suggests, specialized staff takes care of mothers by addressing topics such as: mother's care, mother's psycho-emotional and physical needs and abdominal-perineal recovery after birth. Moreover, the program also involves parental counseling, in which the father is also involved, so that you both take care of your little one.

You definitely want to give your baby the best care. Remember that a knowledgeable mother means a healthy mother and baby. For more information, you can access the website

The SAMAS program - Health for Mothers and Infants is a project through which the White Cross Foundation for Maternal Health Services, the humanitarian organization Red Cross Branch Sector 6 and the company Nutricia aims to support the future and new mothers in Romania. The SAMAS program intends to train specialists in the perinatal education and nutrition of the mother and child and to provide support to mothers in making relevant decisions, from the conception of the child to the preschool age.