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Last adventure before school starts!

Last adventure before school starts!

When I woke up on Saturday morning and looked out the window, I was afraid that the mothers of the community would be scared for a while and no longer honor our invitation to have fun in Terra Park, the largest amusement park in Bucharest. But I was wrong! We have in the community decided ladies who are not scared of a rain and who came with fun with their friends.

With great joy we entered the magical world of the park and we could not change many words between us because we were drawn by the sleeve of the eager dwarves to try all the attractions. We, the team, watched with satisfaction the happiness of the children from the eyes of us and we were glad that we were able to have a fun time together before starting school.

Although it was not warm, the weather was only good for fun, and the children were obedient and brave. They had the patience to dry the seats of the night-time rain-soaked attractions and tried all the fun-filled tiribombs in Terra Park.

Dear, thank you for the beautiful day we spent with you, thank you for the happiness with which you looked at us every time you get your stomach up during the tour of the park's comedies and thank you for being with us. and this time.

We thank the wonderful people from Terra Park for supporting us in organizing the event, they are some perfect professionals, attentive to our safety but also willing to satisfy all our requirements.

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