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Autumn H&M collection for children, in support of children in India

Autumn H&M collection for children, in support of children in India

H&M is creating this fall children s prom costumes to raise funds to be donated to the UNICEF project, All for Children.

Kids love to dress up, especially around Halloween. This fall, H&M creates a special collection of costumes for girls and boys, following which 25% of the total sales obtained from this special collection will go directly to All for Children, the UNICEF project supported by H&M to improve access to quality education and to medical services for children in the countries where H&M operates.

The collection will be available starting October 10 in approximately 250 stores worldwide, as well as online.

GIRLS: This year's All for Children collection is inspired by the theme of the 18th century masked balls, introducing us to a fairy tale atmosphere with sailors, mermaids and tattooed pirates. The collection is a fairy to the smallest details, worked very delicately, and as pieces of resistance are presented wide ruffles on the dress as a ghost or romantic bows on the blouse and skirt of the pirate costume for girls.

The accessories are also very carefully crafted, the collection featuring shellfish and starfish on the mermaid's crown or a puppy-shaped bag, such as Maria Antoaneta's paint.

BOYS: For boys, the collection offers a captain's coat for those who want to be masters of the sea or a blouse and pants with tattoos printed for those who prefer to be pirates. Also available is a bat in the form of a bat, a suit with a printed skeleton and all the articles to form an entire suit in black and white stripes, printed horizontally and vertically, for a guaranteed psychedelic effect.

Among the accessories for the boys are presented a bat mask, pirate boots and a cap of captain with parrot. Some of the items in the collection are made from more sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and Tencel.®

ALL FOR CHILDREN: In 2009 H&M launched with the UNICEF charity All for Children initiative, donating over $ 4.5 million to support children living in the poorest communities in the world. The initiative, initially focused on southern India, has so far had a positive impact on the lives of one million children in this area.

The All for Children collection in the fall of 2013 gives H&M clients the opportunity to contribute personally to this charitable initiative and to support UNICEF to support 40,000 children living in the suburbs of Dhaka, to provide them access to education and to ensure their safety and security. protection of rights. In addition, over one million disadvantaged people will benefit indirectly from this intervention.

"I am very pleased that the theme of this year's All for Children collection is the masked ball. Kids love to have fun wearing themed clothes that they also use as part of their everyday play. With this collection they will enter new universes. , they will tell new stories and thus they will have the most beautiful Halloween day they have ever had. It is also wonderful that this collection will raise the much needed funds for some of the poorest children in the world, "he says Angelica Grimborg, designer of the All for Children collection at H&M.