JimJam, December's recommendations

JimJam, December's recommendations

JimJam, December's recommendations

Bob the Builder: Bob's Great Plan

Saturday, December 1, from 11:00 and 18:00
While Bob and his team worked for Mr. Adams, the local architect, they learned about building a new town near Sunflower Valley, a place that Bob knows very well from childhood.
Mr. Adams presents his idea to Bob. in that town there will be nightclubs, restaurants and tower blocks - it will be a very big, ostentatious and very gallant city.
To present his cars as the Sunflower Valley now looks, Bob designs some old movies on the studio door. The town is a wonderful place, full of sunflower. Bob explains to everyone that in order to make room for the new city, many digs need to be done in the Sunflower Valley. Will Bob be able to save the city or even the flowers that his inhabitants are proud of?
Join Bob in December as he tries to save the Sunflower Valley.

Angelina Balerina: Princess Angela's dance

Sunday, December 2 and Saturday, December 8, from 11:00 and 18:00
The mice have to organize and stage a ballet show for Queen Seraphina, her husband, the Duke of Cheese and their children. Angelinei was given the task of conducting the ballet and chose for the performance "Beautiful from the sleeping forest", in which she thought she would play the main role, namely that of Princess Aurora.
However, the Queen demanded that the main roles be given to her daughters, even if they did not know how to dance. Will Angelina manage to impress the royal family with her pirouettes?

Story time: Winter through willows

On December 16 and 22, from 11:00 and 18:00
Winter through the willows is the continuation of the animated series Wind through the willows. On the river bank is winter. When Cartita falls into the frozen river, his friends turn to the Frog Raioasa, which has a new plane. They all start along the river in search of their friend.

Story Time: Bob the Builder - An unforgettable Christmas

On December 25, from 11:00 and 18:00

Christmas is coming and Bob the Builder is very impatient, especially since his brother or twin, Tom, a zoologist who works at the North Pole, comes home after many years.
Bob wants a quiet Christmas to fully enjoy the time spent with his brother. But the mayor of the city has another idea! He asks Bob's help to cut some trees, to build a scene, to mount some lights and other useful things, but also to organize a special concert. Mr. Bentley reminds Bob that he must dress up at Christmas and give presents to the city's inhabitants. Our hero is not at all excited about all these ideas.
Meanwhile, Tom is heading to the port on his snowmobile, Scoot. He must arrive in time at the port, because if he misses this ship, the next one will go there in just over a month.

Story Time: Bob the Builder - Snowfall

On December 23 and 29, from 11:00 and 18:00
Bob and his teammates are heading to the snow-covered Bobblesberg, where they have the task of building the tracks for the winter games. Because Wendy will participate in this contest, Bob chooses Scoop to be his right hand. With the help of Jana, the game organizer and Benny, the robot-digger, Scoop wants to assert himself and show Bob that he can complete this mission. Scoop is so determined to impress Bob that he tries to do everything by himself, without involving the others and the result is a disastrous one. Meanwhile, Spud befriends Charlene, an Australian hotelier, Dizzy learns to skate and Muck turns into an extreme snowboarding machine. Will Tom be able to gather his team? How will the games take place? Will Spud be saturated with room service? Find out the answers to these questions in the snow episode, only at JimJam.

Special: Pingu - The family goes to the wedding

December 30, from 11:00 and 18:00
When the Pingu family receives an invitation to the wedding, they all become excited and begin to prepare for the big event. But things do not go according to plan: the son-in-law is not to be found, at the wedding someone appears unknown and a damaged gift causes a real chaos. but everything ends well and Pingu finds a new trusted friend: his cousin!

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