Fairytale workshop, Work at Home Moms event

Fairytale workshop, Work at Home Moms event

Association Work at Home Moms, together with Crina Manolescu from Oaia Primordiala invites mothers from Bucharest on May 28 at a new workshop where I can explore a new skill set and start on a wonderful professional path - the fairy knitting fairy workshop. The workshop will take place between 10:00 - 12:00 at the educational playground Ludotech, Calea Serban Voda, no. 22 - 24, corp. D2, floor 4, inside the Grand Pier Business Center.

The cost of the workshop is 50 lei and includes all the materials and tools used, and each participant will get his fairy wrapped at home. Separately, you can buy work kits prepared by Crina Manolescu.

Registrations they can be sent to [email protected] and at least 10 entries are required for the workshop.

About Crina Manolescu:

Like any great passion, the primordial sheep was born from a play. Exactly like the Little Prince, only instead of being drawn, the sheep appeared after a needle stitching in soft, fluffy, playful wool. Since then, Crina Manolescu has invented all sorts of stories, hand-knit for the little ones, but also for the big ones, because no one can resist a piece of wool with the smell of childhood.

This event is still one of the series with which WAHM welcomes mothers to specialize, specialize and practice workshops aimed at acquiring new skills welcome to start a new professional path, whether at home or not. Over time, the association has also held counseling sessions to raise their business idea, entrepreneurial mentoring, job announcements, promotion and visibility tools and many, many other ideas for entrepreneurial mothers.

Work at Home Moms is a social initiative meant to support mothers with ideas and energy at work from home and starts with the premise that it is extremely important to change the perception society has about women who choose to spend most of their lives. in the middle of the family, giving them the chance to bloom biologically, professionally and intellectually, forgetting the label of "housewife".

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