5 strengths of sensitive children

5 strengths of sensitive children

Sensitivity is far from a weakness of character. On the contrary, sensitive people are really powerful people. They manage to keep intact their ability to enjoy simple things, such as the smell of flowers or the appearance of the rainbow after rain, after they have known the misery, unhappiness and poverty of the world.

Sensitive children are also blessed with strengths. Find out what these are and how you can encourage your own child to grow them!

Sensitive children are more creative

Sensitive children are most often endowed with a wonderful, vivid imagination that allows them to be extremely creative. Some of them are still noticeable from kindergarten through their special talents. Many sensitive children draw extraordinarily beautiful or create their own characters and stories in their minds. Is your child very sensitive too? Then there are great chances for him to show creativity and feel artistic.

Help him to strengthen these qualities, giving him the time and space needed to manifest his creativity. An extremely sensitive child needs much more rest time than the rest. If you feel overcrowded or constantly busy, it can become very stressful. One solution is to provide them with the tools they need to express their artistic sense. Avoid judging his creations too much and refrain from criticisms that could destroy his creativity.

The very sensitive child wants to please everyone. If he gets to believe that you don't like him, he can be easily discouraged and he can give up doing something. Instead of asking him why he colored the sun in blue, better congratulate him on the fact that he worked hard to complete the painting or tell him what you like best about him.

The sensitive child has extremely well developed consciousness

Sensitive children are, by definition, extremely emotional people. They are always in agreement with the emotions of others, and this gives them a special awareness. At the same time, sensitive children prove to be much better than the average man and never try to hurt anyone's feelings. They are attentive to the needs of others, which brings appreciation to people.

Strengthen this quality by congratulating your child whenever you keep the door open for others or use polite words like "please" or "thank you". Verbal appreciation is of great value to all children, but it nourishes the most sensitive ones. Their extremely well-developed consciousness causes them to behave with others as they wish to be treated, in turn, by other people.

Compassion, another strong point of sensitive children

Compassion and empathy are another strength of sensitive children. They are able to get into your skin and read your emotions easily. They have a gentle heart, which brings light into this hectic world and which must be protected with the utmost care. Teach your child to cultivate his emotional intelligence and the skills he needs to cope with his intense challenges and emotions.

Give him space to express his feelings and help him understand that his feelings are deep. Allow him to cry. Never amuse yourself because of his sensitivity. This should be perceived as a gift and not as a weakness. Encourage him to always keep his soul tender, by accepting and acknowledging all emotions. Give her ways to exercise her compassion, such as volunteering at an animal shelter or sponsoring a needy child.

Talent as a storyteller

The sensitive child pays special attention to the details. Combined with imagination and active creativity, this character trait turns him into a wonderful storyteller. Cultivate this strength by asking him to tell you stories before bed.

When the house is quiet, his creativity reaches maximum levels. Encourage him to write and not miss any opportunity to improve his narrative style.

The sensitive child is a reliable friend!

Thanks to all the strengths listed above, the sensitive child is a good friend and a caring brother. Naturally, he wants to respond to the needs of others and, because it is extremely intuitive, he knows how they feel by simply observing nonverbal language. Increase this power by encouraging him to keep close friends, in case you move home or change school. Keep in touch with the parents of the other children, so you can organize meetings, play games or conferences on Skype.

Even if a sensitive child turns out to be a good friend, there is a risk that he or she may be too shy or need help to connect with others. Otherwise, it will go unnoticed and those around it will not be able to benefit from its strengths. Specialists advise you to identify that relational ability your child has to work with, such as conflict resolution, eye contact or conversation.

Once the strategy is established, practice that skill with the child, offering yourself as an example. If you behave openly and show wisdom in resolving conflicts, your child will copy your behavior.

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