What the family really means and how they instill in the children the idea of ​​family

What the family really means and how they instill in the children the idea of ​​family

Ever since we came into the world, the family covers us, as children, with the primary needs needed to survive. It is the environment in which each child learns the first things about life and feelings and learns the basic skills: to talk, to walk, to interact. In addition, and very important, from the family the children understand the values ​​after which they will lead their lives!

Every child should know how important the family is and that their loved ones will always be with them, whenever they need a shoulder to support. By giving this idea to the little ones, we offer them the certainty that any difficult situation can be easily overcome with the support of the family and, very important, we increase their confidence in their own strengths.

In an age when more and more families are falling apart, it is essential to teach the little ones what respect, responsibility and show them how valuable is the time spent together with those who love us unconditionally, those who do everything for us. and those for whom we would be willing to do everything.

So how do we instill in our children the idea of ​​family? We were together:

Show him that you love him unconditionally

The most important role of a parent is to ensure that the child is loved, protected, adored, regardless of the situation. Psychotherapists claim that little ones who know and feel that they are protected and loved unconditionally by their parents, have very little chance of developing behavioral problems and will later turn into mature, strong, balanced and self-controlled adults.

This is why, when the little ones make a cheat (fill the sink to the brim with water, scrub the walls, come from playing dirty from head to toe), do not argue and do not punish them. After all, these happenings make childhood delight. Explain to him that it is not good what he did, but at the same time show him that no matter the situation, you are with him, you support him and you love him unconditionally.

The power of example

Even though they are young, children are very attentive to what is happening around them. Copy the behavior of the parents and behave in the society exactly as you notice that the mother and father behave, with each other, at home. Be an example for the child. Respect one another, because only this way the little one will teach you how important it is to consider and respect the opinions and values ​​of those around you. What parent would not want that when his child founded his own families, to go away with the thought "I would like a marriage like my parents"? A family based on respect, harmony, understanding, but above all, unconditional love.

Respecting traditions

Respecting traditions is another way we can teach the little ones the importance of family. And here we are not just talking about the holidays that tradition says should be spent in the family.

Build your own rituals. Make a rule of having dinner every night with everyone and no matter how busy you are, try not to deviate from this tradition. Gather around the table, laugh together, share the good news of the day. Involve the child in the discussion, praising his achievements in kindergarten or school. Every Sunday or at least one weekend a month, go to grandparents and have lunch together. Only this way you will teach the little ones about how valuable is the time spent with the people who love them unconditionally.

Let the children take on small responsibilities

It may seem unbelievable, but when you let the child wash his or her plate after eating, mix the ingredients when preparing the meal or ask him to help with daily cleaning (dusting, arranging clothes, picking up toys, etc.), he he feels important and begins to gain more and more confidence in him, because he knows he has a fundamental role in the family. Learn to be responsible and start to realize how important and enjoyable teamwork is ... in the most important and beautiful team: the family!

The new Lidl campaigns, which speak of family as a refuge in which we always find our peace, were brought to our attention. The family is the environment in which we learn what love, kindness, appreciation are, we learn to go through difficult times. Moreover, the emotional story, illustrated in the video below, inspired us when we decided to talk to you about how important it is to instill in the children the idea of ​​family.

No matter where our path of life takes us, we will always return to the bosom of the family to restore our energy reserves, to find peace and tranquility. Family members, whether they are parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters, are always ready to help us when it is difficult and know how to enjoy the soul when we feel good, they are the ones who really support us.