Places in Romania to visit with children

Places in Romania to visit with children

Romania is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, because it offers a wide range of riches, natural beauty and unique tourist objectives, which you deserve to present to the child, on your trips and trips. Before you think about choosing a foreign destination for your vacation, look back to our country and help your child get to know her better and discover the sights, as well as the amazing landscapes she has to offer! Here are some places in Romania that any child would enjoy visiting!

Natural beauty

Romania has a complex geography, being one of the few countries that enjoys all forms of relief: plain, mountain, sea etc. Each of the relief shapes found on the territory of our country was born naturally and enjoys spectacular landscapes, which transforms our country into a story space, miraculously, extracted as if from a beautiful fairy tale.

Balea Lac // Photo: Mike Pellinni @ istockphoto.com

It is worth taking your child to visit some of the most important natural wonders of Romania:

  • Balea Lake;
  • Saint Ana Lake;
  • Transalpine and Transfagarasan;
  • Babele and Sphinx (Bucegi Mountains);
  • Delta and the Danube Boilers;
  • Rocks in Poiana Stanei;
  • Valea Zanelor (Covasna);
  • Mocanita (Viseu de Sus);
  • Bicaz Canyon;
  • Red Lake etc.

Red Lake // Photo: fsamora @ istockphoto.com

The Bicaz Keys // Photo: Jenyateua @ istockphoto.com

Fortresses and castles

The Romanian castles and fortresses will probably be the tourist attractions that the little one will fall in love with, due to their magnificence and special charm. In addition, the unusual pieces of furniture and the historical decorative elements with which they are arranged, but also their spectacular and unique gardens and surroundings will instantly arouse the curiosity of the little one, especially due to the historical legends and stories that hide there.

Lut Castle in Valea Zanelor, Sibiu // Photo: sorincolac @ istockphoto.com

  • Bran Castle (Bran-Moeciu);
  • Peles Castle (Prahovei Valley);
  • Rasnov Fortress (Bran-Moeciu);
  • Bethlen Castle - Haller in the Citadel of Balta;
  • Lut Castle, Valea Zanelor, Sibiu;
  • The Medias Fortress (Transylvania);
  • Histria Fortress (Sinoe Lake - Romanian coast);
  • Corvinilor Castle - Huniazilor - Hunedoara;
  • Sarmizegetusa Regia (Transylvania);
  • Fagaras Fortress (Transylvania);
  • The fortress of Neamtului.

Rasnov Fortress // Photo: sonatali @ istockphoto.com

Bran Castle // Photo: emicristea @ istockphoto.com

Corvinilor Castle // Photo: dinosmichail @ istockphoto.com

Peles Castle, Sinaia // Photo: Marius Gatea @ istockphoto.com

Natural reservations

Natural reserves are areas or areas protected by law, in which man cannot intervene, to change them. There are areas of water or land that have formed naturally, characterized by a biodiversity that offers the specificity and charm of these areas.

Retezat National Park // Photo: johny007pan @ istockphoto.com

Our country is rich in a lot of such areas in the form of caves, natural parks, waterfalls and other important historical formations or places. Here are some of the natural reserves that you should not miss with the child from the travel plan you created together to explore Romania:

Natural parks

  • Portile de Iron Natural Park;
  • Apuseni Natural Park;
  • Bucegi Natural Park;
  • Lunca Muresului Natural Park;
  • Maramures Mountains Natural Park etc.

Of the key natural reserves in the territory of our country, we can note:

  • The Danube Delta;
  • Red Lake Nature Reserve;
  • Scientific Reserve from Retezat National Park;
  • Forest Reserve Danube Boilers;
  • Cozia Lotrisor Nature Reserve;
  • Domogled reservation from Baile Herculane;
  • Pietrosu Mare Scientific Reservation.

Iron Gates // Photo: rocky @ istockphoto.com

Danube Delta // Photo: istockphoto.com


Of all the important tourist objectives of Romania, the child will certainly be impressed by caves, these natural underground excavations that give birth to rocks due to water infiltration.

The natural riches and treasures found in the caves are impressive for the little one, eager to explore their dark depths and find out more about the "treasures" that are hidden in them.

Here are some of the biggest and best known caves in Romania that you must visit with your child:

  • Bears Cave;
  • Dambovicioara Cave;
  • The Cave of the Wind;
  • Ialomicioarei cave;
  • Scarisoara cave.


In the hiking through the mountains, it is almost impossible not to go nose to nose with some of the most important waterfalls in Romania, these imposing natural wonders that charm the eyes and the curiosity even the smallest member of the family.

Bigar Waterfall, Caras-Severin // Photo: cta88 @ istockphoto.com

  • Duruitoarea Waterfall (Ceahlau Mountains);
  • Moara Dracului Waterfall (Vladeasa Mountains);
  • Capra Waterfall;
  • Caraiman Waterfall (Jepilor Valley);
  • Cailor Waterfall (Borsa resort);
  • Bigar Waterfall (Caras-Severin);
  • Valul Miresei Waterfall (Rachitele commune);
  • Pisoaia Waterfall (Nemesti village).

Churches and monasteries

Some of the most important historical monuments with which our country boasts are the ancient churches and monasteries, which have ruled our country for hundreds of years and represent valuable tourist objectives due to the complexity of their architecture, but also to the religious meanings.

Sucevita Monastery, Bucovina // Photo: carmengabriela @ istockphoto.com

Visiting the most important monasteries and churches in the country offers the child an interesting religious experience, from which he learns and understands more easily information about spirituality and God:

  • Cetatuia Monastery (Iasi);
  • Polovrogi Monastery (Olt Valley);
  • Cozia Monastery (Olt Valley);
  • Monastery Curtea de Arges (Trasfagarasan);
  • Horezu Monastery (Valcea);
  • Voronet Monastery (Bucovina);
  • Sucevita Monastery (Bucovina);
  • Putna Monastery (Bucovina);
  • Prislop Monastery (Transylvania);
  • Cathedral of the Reintegration of the People (Transylvania);
  • The Black Church (Brasov).

No matter in which area or region of the country you choose to travel - Bucovina, Transylvania, Moldova, Dobrogea etc. - you will discover impressive sights and places to visit, which will help you to change your impression about Romania and about domestic tourism. In addition, each trip with the child through the country represents a lesson in geography or history for the little one, who has the opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant - learns relevant information about the country in which he lives and, at the same time, has fun discovering and exploring the wonders. They. Access the road distance application to find the cost of the trip, the distance and the optimal travel time to the chosen destination.

In what areas of the country have you traveled with the child so far? What are the regions and tourist objectives you have ticked on the list of travelers and where would you like to take your child? Tell us your opinions and suggestions in the comments section below!

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