7 ways to convince the child that Santa exists

7 ways to convince the child that Santa exists

Santa is there! Whoever says no, he is a great liar and his big nose will grow, like Pinocchio's! Am I right or not? All the children know that the nice old man dressed in red, with white hair, long and thick beard, glasses and big tummy exists and that he comes every year to leave presents under the fir tree. If someone is trying to convince your kid that this is not the case and Mosu is just an invention, be prepared with evidence to show your little one that the much-loved Santa is as real as possible!

Declare war on all who deny the existence of the most beloved and generous old man in the world! Arm yourself with evidence and help the child to live this year the emotion of waiting with his soul to mouth the good and good Santa!

Documentation about Lapland and Santa's Toy Laboratory

How can you best convince the child that Santa exists only by showing him exactly where he lives and what his Toy Laboratory looks like, where he prepares the gifts for all the children in the middle. If the family budget does not allow a trip to Lapland, which would be the best proof that Santa is real, but also an extraordinary experience for the little one, do not be discouraged! There are other solutions!

Find the most representative documentaries about Santa and Lapland, cartoons, stories or views and present them to the child. Look for videos with and about the Laboratory of Santa, where he lives with the spirits (elves) of his hard-working people and prove to them that the old man he loves so much exists.

Spying on Santa's activity

During this period, there are live webcasts, directly from Santa's house in Lapland. Quickly look for a virtual connection with his home and the activities he undertakes in real time and show them to your child! Tell him that anytime he enters the Internet at any time, he will be able to see what Santa is doing in Lapland and how he prepares for the big trip on New Year's Eve.

What could a person do 24 hours a day, wouldn't they? There is still proof that it is as real as possible!

Letter to and from Santa Claus

There is less until Christmas, and the child probably already prepared, as every year, the letter for Santa with wishes for gifts. Do not forget to put the letter in the envelope, possibly to create a special stamp, to write in Lapland, and to write on the envelope his address, taken from the Internet. There are details that give authenticity to the letter and make the child believe that it will reach the hands of Santa.

If you haven't done so before, starting with this Christmas, establish a new tradition, where Santa Claus responds to the child through a small telegram. Creates a special letter on a special sheet and uses a more trembling writing to answer the child. It doesn't have to be a very long letter. The old man can thank the child for the letter, to announce that he remembered his wishes and that you will check in his laboratory to see if he has the respective gifts or not.

You can also remember how good or not he was, the achievements over the year or the less pleasant challenges he went through. The child will be amazed to see that Santa has followed him throughout the year and that he congratulates and compliments him for the courage he has shown and for the successes he has gathered. This is still a cornerstone to your attempt to convince him that Santa is there!

Videos from Youtube

If your boyfriend is still not convinced that Santa is real, go to the heavy artillery in your attempt to prove to him that there is that old man dressed in red who leaves the gifts under the Christmas tree. The Youtube is full of videos, which are just under this name "Santa exists" and which, by their content, helps the child to believe that it is as real as possible. Make a selection and try to show the child only those videos with quality content and appropriate to his age, from which he can understand the message you are trying to convey.

Santa on Facebook and Twitter

Santa is everywhere, both in the real world and in the virtual world: he has a Twitter account and even a Facebook page. How can anyone say it's not real? Find the official pages of Santa on social networking sites and prove to the little boy that he is real, through the postings that he puts daily or occasionally.

Santa's phone

An unexpected phone call just from Santa could be the only thing your little one still needs to believe he is a real person and not an invention, as many are trying to convince him. Therefore, it initiates a new tradition, in which the child receives a phone call from Mosul a few days before Christmas. Choose at the other end of the thread a person who has a voice thick enough and trembling, to look as authentic when presented as Santa.

Santa got caught up in the fact

If your attempts to convince him that Santa is as real as possible and the child insists that he does not exist, you have no choice but to organize a small spy, directly at home. It sets up a small scenario, in which a person disguised as faithful in Santa Claus and with his bag in the back to be surprised at the fact, on Christmas Eve, when he puts the gifts under the fir tree. Suppress everything on the camera.

You can even take the child to see the whole unfolding of the events, noting that he should not make any sound, otherwise Santa will disappear and, along with him, the gifts.

Santa is there, whether some people want to believe it or not! It is in each of us, but especially in the souls and around the children, during the winter holidays, when he makes the balance sheet and sees who was not a good friend, but especially who deserves all the presents prepared with the medal all year long!

Does your child still believe in Santa? How do you manage to keep this faith alive, despite all the obstacles and attempts of those around you to convince him that Santa is an invention? Tell us your tips in the comments section below!

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