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Love your child for what it is!

Love your child for what it is!

It was dark. I hardly brought him home after another three hours spent outside. It was warm again and after the afternoon sleep the accumulated energy had to be discharged. He played with some rubber figurines, took a bath, then I brushed him with the towel.

At the end of the bed, my puppy is staring at the wall. He is sleepy, but I still see him energetically. I think he's thinking about the day he just passed ... or who knows. I tell him we go to bed and put out the light. Is that why it's so dark? I get up again and set the curtain aside to enter the moonlight. That's when he remembers that he is thirsty.

I go to the kitchen and the swirling wave comes after me. He has passed any fatigue and he has a desire to play. I'm thinking of not giving him ideas, so I don't turn on the bulbs anymore. Drink water and take a banana to have in the morning when he wakes up. He laughs at me, so he does every night. We go back to bed and say "good night".

If you were. I say nothing, because that would activate it even more, but in the dark I see him eating his sister. He whispers something and turns to the other side. He stays for a while and then he turns to me again.

Through the darkness I can distinguish the cheekbones raised by the smile

I pretend to be asleep and watch him steal. Not much light, but I can distinguish the cheekbones raised by the smile. He's happy. I do not need other evidence, I do not want to tell me anything, it is enough.

It lasts for a few seconds and then goes back to sleep. My eyes fill with tears when I think his happiness is sincere and I melt when I know that I have contributed to it. Which is right, he had a wonderful day and was well-off. I feel calm and I am also surprised by a smile of thanks.

My son doesn't tell me ten times a day that he loves me. He is not very funny either, but when he comes to hug me I feel like in that hug he has gathered all his love. I don't need words, I don't need to observe what I do for him. I don't need praise or appreciation. I need to see him smiling, I feel that all my effort is not in vain. A smile in the dark at the ceiling does more than just any word.

Unconditional love: Children need to be loved for what they are

I have often heard parents saying to the child: "I give you food, I dress and you are not grateful." I believe that these are our obligations as parents since we decided to take this responsibility. They have no guilt that they have needs or have any obligation to praise us for something that should be.

Let's love them for what they are! They need us to appreciate and care for them without asking for anything in return, and when we see that smile on the ceiling, we will know that we are doing a very good job.

I am a fulfilled mom who loves unconditionally. I often tell about our happiness on the blog and on I'm waiting for you there.

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