Baby Market 360 Conference

Baby Market 360 Conference

Are you pregnant and have a thousand questions in mind?

Are you a young mom and you don't know how to do what's best and best for your baby?

If you belong to these categories, if you have many questions, questions, anxieties about the pregnancy itself, about birth, about breastfeeding, about the baby's nutrition, about baby care products, about the child's education and how much more, we tell you just so: Calm down! We have the solution!

Come to the Baby Market 360 Conference and find out from the specialists in the field answers to all your questions!

Bucharest, Sunday, March 31

Hotel Parliament, et. 9, Str. Source no. 106 (near the Parliament Palace), sector 5

Participants registration: 10:30

Conference schedule: 11:30 - 17:00, with 2 coffee breaks

Baby Market 360 is addressed exclusively to parents: prospective parents and fresh parents, with young children, up to 2 years old.

speakers Prepare for you bring together reference persons from health-related environments and the care of your child or pregnancy. Among them we list only a few:

  • Dr. Neacsu Victoria - specialist family medicine / pediatrics
  • Dentist Georgiana Alecu
  • Dentist Anca Calenic - pedodontic specialization
  • TV star Luana Ibacka
  • Daniela Draghicescu, Sales Manager LYSI Iceland
  • Psychotherapist Florentina Mateescu
  • make-up artist Raluca Popovici
  • and others being confirmed.

Conference participants will receive gifts and vouchers from partners. Some young mothers will benefit from a free professional make-up session.

For the detailed program of the conference, on hours and on the topics of discussion of each speaker, visit the event's website:, where the information will be updated in real time.

The price of an access ticket is: 100 lei and it can be paid online (on the event website, under the Registration section, secure link for payment by card) or on the spot, at the registration of participants.