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Top 7 Autumn Foods That Grease You

Top 7 Autumn Foods That Grease You

Many of the fall foods and preparations are full of "hidden" calories that go over your effort to lose weight or keep you fit.

Even if it has been cold and you have to put a coat or two on you, it does not mean that you have to "dress up" and the menu of fats and sugars that fattens you very hard.

Jam / honey

The goodies made in the summer to be eaten in autumn and winter contain, among others, delicious jams or fruit sweets that tempt you every time you open the door of the room.
If you are on a diet or trying to stay in shape it is best to avoid these products. They are full of sugar and even the consumption of a single teaspoon unnecessarily adds calories to your figure.

Vegetable cream soup

Tomato soups in the summer season are gradually replaced by creamy, extremely delicious and nutritious soups. They are a good choice if you have no problems with weight. But if you try to lose weight, it is good to be sure that they do not contain butter, cheese, cream or croutons. For nothing it is called vegetable soup, if they are sprinkled with ingredients full of calories.

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