Mommy, how can I make children?

Mommy, how can I make children?

A question any parent of a small child fears. Although I have often thought about what to answer when the time comes, I was taken by surprise.

It was on a morning in which we all went to sleep at the office / kindergarten / nursery (as the case may be). At one intersection, while the car only heard Radio Itsy Bitsy, the question asked was heard. It was so sudden and unexpected for my neurons that I was still asleep that I had a feeling like a tuna. I looked puzzled at the window, no trace of the cloud! My husband was just as surprised as I was.

I just asked her to make sure: What did you say? She innocently hisses: "How-can-you-make-pies?" She looked at me with a look that said, "Mom, don't you understand Romanian?"

I had the answer ready, I told you, but it was so hard for me to deliver it. I am not a fan of stories and I wanted to tell the truth so that they understand it and satisfy it.

I ask again: What do you mean? She slightly irritated: I don't want to make children, but I want to know how I can make them? I look at his father again, almost laughing, but it was not my laughter. She is little, she is 4 years old, how did she think of asking me this?

I look her in the eye and I tell her: To be a child you have to be an adult. His father or he hurries to add: "And you will find out then."

I look at it. She is unhappy! Continue: When you are an adult, you will finish school, you will probably have a job as has moms and dads and maybe even a home of your own, you will meet a man you will fall in love with, you will marry and you will marry make children. I look at it again and ask: Are you satisfied with the answer? He answers in the affirmative and asks me to put a story.

I got off easy!