Letters for Santa

Letters for Santa

Letters for Santa

The charity portal,, started the project "Letter for Santa". Through it, the portal offers a meeting place for children and Santa Claus.

Good and compelling children can write to Santa using the form on // and, in turn, Santa can choose his child who wants to give him a Christmas gift.

Letters are expected from all over the world, from all kind children, with good grades. They can write to Santa, making sure that the letter addressed to him is beautiful, written by them and maybe with a little help from their parents or grandparents. will make sure that all the letters will reach their destination, that is, at Santa Claus.

If you want to do a good holiday, you can be yourself Santa for one of the children who write to Santa. That's because now it's easy to become Santa! All you have to do is just carefully read the letters from the children, choose the one you like best and then "claim" it.

By December 31, all children must receive their gift!

The campaign "Letter to Santa Claus" is a charity project of the charity portal and will end on December 31, when all children will receive their gifts! - The charity portal is the social responsibility project of the company Vel Pitar S.A., a group of baking companies, which offers free bread to people with low incomes. The portal was established with the purpose of helping the fellows by increasing the degree of involvement of those who have the power to change the life of the community by: boosting online donations, developing volunteering, supporting social cases in the online environment, strengthening the community of generous people, and giving time for causes. social both for helping others and for personal satisfaction.

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