Holy Molly Workshops, January 11 - June 28, 2014

Holy Molly Workshops, January 11 - June 28, 2014

Holy Molly Workshops, January 11 - June 28, 2014

At Holy Molly's workshops, you need nothing more, no scientist mind, no rules, and no one to tell you how to do any masterpiece. Everything you need already has you. Imagination.

You can give free rein to the imagination, to create the characters and events that you did not dare to speak aloud.

You alone, with your hands, give them life from almost nothing, paper, color, textiles, you wonder what. I am there, I see you doing your job, but only with ideas madder than yours. Keep up the whirlpool! Maybe I cheat you, maybe not ... it may start as a trick, but the imagination does not play your part ... never!

Who am I playing with in Antipa?

I am Holy Molly and I am 6 years old, no, 10 or 30 ... hmm ... it doesn't matter ... I can be Mary Poppins at 6 years old, Peter Pan as a female ... or Alice in the country of the barefoot girl ... can be anything I want. I'm sure I am the best friend of young and old children with imagination. And I want to be as many as we can build real things, places and events that others cannot even imagine.

Elena gives her doctorate in improvised creation because she has known everything since she was little. She was making clothes for dolls from her grandmother's fairy tales and pea earrings. If you need eyeglasses if you want to know how to handle the hemp threads or if you do not know what to choose between red and yellow, she will surely know the answer. He knows exactly where the colors, the scissors, the glue and all the millions of boldness and pinions that are so needed are put.


11.01 - Creative stew soup workshop
18.01 - On the sidelines of the imagination
25.01 - Animals in shades of white

February - The last creative winter rattles

08.02 - Landscapes with traces of snow
15.02 - Valentinobete
22.02 - Owls and babes

March - Creative spring

01.03 - Martisor
08.03 - My mother
15.03 - Rhapsody of spring
22.03 - Thousands of butterflies are seen flying
29.03 - Cuckoo sing

April - Creative Easter preparations

05.04 - What are my kids ...
12.04 - Rabbit egg
19.04 - Easter holiday
26.04 - Sun with imagination

May - The BEST creative Saturday

03.05 - The MOST colored ones
10.05 - The MOST blooming stories
17.05 - The BEST cherries
24.05 - The most kept
31.05 - The MOST HolyMolicesti Holidays

June - Preparations for a creative summer

07.06 - A sad one
14.06 - Travel hat
21.06 - Beach slippers

Cost: 50 lei / workshop
Reservations are made to: [email protected] or

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