Minimax, program January 2013!

Minimax, program January 2013!

Big red dog Clifford

Every Saturday and Sunday between 9:30 and 11:00

Clifford was the youngest of his siblings when he was born, maybe that's why Emily chose him as a birthday present. Nobody expected him to grow too much, but Emily's love changed things. As Clifford grows, his height will surpass any imagination, which is why Emily and her family will move out of town on an island. Your old friend is back on the small screens. Follow us!

Pound puppies, a puppy for every child

Every Saturday and Sunday between 09:30 and 11:00

Every pet needs a loving owner and every human needs a favorite animal. Some fearless dogs decide to find a loving family for all the puppies without a master, because a dog that once had a master, can not imagine his life otherwise.

Marta spoke

Every Saturday and Sunday between 9:30 and 11:00

The main character of the series is Marta, a puppy who wonderfully learns to speak after eating a miraculous preparation - soup with letters. The little puppy, although it becomes very gallant, conquers all.

Come on, Olly, come on!

From January 1, daily from 07:24

You can watch the latest adventures of the two submarines in a feature film. Let's dive together in fun adventures!

Chuggington - medal hunt

From January 1, daily from 07:18

Wilson, Coco and Brewster are three young locomotives about to learn the rules of rail. At the beginning of the road, these bikers will discover new and new things about themselves and those around them. together they go through many adventures and discover the small wonders of life.

Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks

From January 4, daily from 5:55 pm

The main hero of the Jakers animated series! The Adventures of Piggley Winks is Grandpa Piggley. He is the oldest member of the Piggley family. Often Grandpa Piggley takes care of the children, delighting them with funny childhood stories. His stories take us back in time, to the stage of Grandpa Piggley's childhood, which is none other than the Raloo Farm in Ireland. In Grandpa's stories, we meet Grandpa Piggley's best friends - Ferny (whose full name is Fernando Toro) and Dannan. together, the three of them wake up in the most adventurous situations. in the wonderful series Jakers! The adventures of Piggley Winks will reveal how farm animals first baked their apple pie and find out if Grandpa Piggley caught "alligator salmon" to help him pass the school exams.

Curious George

From January 4, daily from 19:00

The story of the curious George is simple but very funny. George is an African monkey, raised by the Man with the Yellow Hat. She tried hard to take care of George, but there were always complications. and all this because George's naivety and curiosity always put him in trouble.

Spiridus Nazdravani

From January 11, daily from 7:30 pm

The heroes of our new series are fun and fast, with the mission of protecting the forest of people and getting their hands on any kind of food they can find. The task they have to carry out is not easy if you are no bigger than a squirrel.
The first rule: never let people see you! The second rule: never let people see you when you steal their food or when you confuse their plans. How hard is Vudli? accompany us starting January 9 and you will find out!

Tom and the enchanted tree

From January 20, daily from 18:20

Tom and the Enchanted Tree is an animated series for children ages four to six. The little ones are invited to walk in a magical world, where even the slightest movement creates magic. Tom looks like an ordinary boy with eight anisors, but when he puts on his magic belt he turns into a super hero. The boy arrives in a charming kingdom, located in the Treetopolis tree. Here live all kinds of weasels, cockroaches and naughty mushrooms - known as Mushas. Here Tom meets Twigs, an evil spirits from the acorn world, who will become his most faithful friend.

Bobita and Buburuza

From January 27, daily from 07:18

Berry, the snake boy, along with Dolly, the girl-bird, are two good friends. They share many adventures presented throughout the 13 short stories of the series. The two are always making new friends and learning new things about everything around them.

My little pony: Friendship is magical

From January 27, at the weekend from 11:00

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an animated series whose protagonists are a unicorn pony, named Twilight Sparkle and his mentor, Princess Celestia. This will teach Twilight the mysteries of friendship in the town of Ponyville. Twilight will be friends with five other ponies: Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Each of them has their own personality and together they complement each other perfectly. The ponies will help the residents of Poneyville, while facing their own problems.

Angelina Balerina

From January 28, daily from 07:25

The main character of the series is a cute little mouse who dreams of becoming a famous ballerina and does everything to reach her goal. Although she makes many mistakes, Angelina learns from them and with each occasion she shows more wisdom.

Pepper pigella

From January 28, daily from 18:50

Peppa is a cute little pig, but sometimes a little naughty. She has five anisors and lives with her brother, George, with her mother-pig and her father-pig. They like to play, to be flirtatious, to spend a lot of time outdoors and to roam in the mud-filled cots. Her adventures always have a happy ending and always bring a smile to our lips.

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