How to improve your body position (posture)

How to improve your body position (posture)

The position or posture of your body is constantly affected by the habits and activities you tend to undertake daily. In the situation where most jobs involve sitting at the office or lifting heavy weights, the correct body position has to suffer and you can wake up lying down and having serious back problems. Here are some simple tricks and methods by which you can improve your posture, so that you feel, but look better!

"Cocoasa" or the tendency to go with the shoulders bent in front is one of the main posture problems that women face today. This problem is favored by an incorrect position in the office, during sleep or by the habit of lifting and lifting very heavy weights.

When walking or noticing an asymmetry in the position of the shoulders while walking, discomfort and back pain do not delay to appear. Even the image in the mirror is not too satisfying, this usually creating an aesthetic aspect of the body.

Sit in the correct position on the chair!

Most body position problems arise because of the incorrect posture that many people take when sitting on a chair. Many people tend to regularly use backless chairs or to lean forward, over the table or desk, straining their muscles and thus putting pressure on the column. The effect is the deformation of the spine and the formation of a wrong body position.

Always choose a back seat, especially when you get used to sitting for hours at the office or at the work desk. Always sit with your back straight, resting against the back of the seat, so that a right angle of 90 degrees is formed between your back and thighs.

Never bend your back in front of the work table and never get used to standing cross-legged. The soles must be perfectly set on the floor, with all their surface, not just the tips. Only by following these rules, you can substantially improve your body posture.

Periodically get up from your chair and straighten your back frequently!

Avoid sitting for many hours in the same position, standing or at the office. When you force your body to stay in position for the long term, your muscles get tired and you tend to take the wrong positions to relax them.

If you have a service that requires office work, it is advisable to get up frequently from your chair and take frequent strolls, from hour to hour, for several minutes, to relax your body. As you get up, stretch your back before taking a few steps. Put your palms perfectly stretched in the lumbar area and start pushing into them while holding your shoulders back.

Adopt the correct sleeping positions!

An incorrect position during sleep can damage your body posture in the long run. It is important to apply some tricks and rules, depending on your preferred sleep position, so that your spine and posture do not suffer.

If you get used to sleeping on one side, make sure that the pillow keeps your head in the same line with the rest of the body, without bending it up or down. Also, the knee above it tends to "fall" in this position and to deform, in the long term, the spine.

Place a pillow between your legs so that your knee is at the same height as the rest of your body. It is recommended to avoid sleeping on the belly, because of the pressure and tension that this position causes at the neck level.

Do sport!

There are several types of sports that can help you improve your body position. Pilates is, according to the specialists, the one that helps you the most to strengthen your abdominal muscles in the lumbar area of ​​the buttocks and thighs.

All these areas form the "force center" of the body, directly involved in strengthening and maintaining the correct position of the spine and back.

What other measures do you take to correct your body position and regain a proper posture? Share your secrets in the comment section below!