What Moms Can Do Apart From Internal Medication To Relieve Baby Colic

What Moms Can Do Apart From Internal Medication To Relieve Baby Colic

The colic, those abdominal pain or cramps that cause the baby to burst into a deafening cry, are some of the greatest medical mysteries, the doctors not being able to detect their exact causes to date. However, the research in the field has managed to highlight a few triggers of colic and to find the most suitable remedies or methods of calming the annoying cramps!

Doctors may recommend certain medications to relieve the pain your baby is experiencing only if colic is severe. There are several digestive painkillers, antacids and medicines to relieve intestinal gas that can be given to the baby, but doctors avoid recommending them because of their side effects.

To prevent or ameliorate these abdominal cramps, moms should only adhere to the main rules related to feeding the baby, but also to the diet they adopt during breastfeeding, and to avoid vices - alcohol, smoking, excess coffee, etc.

Avoiding the premature introduction of solid foods - under 4-5 months - is another essential step in combating colic.

Tips for preventing colic in babies

  • Allow enough time for breastfeeding. Let the baby suck quietly, at his own pace and create an environment free of agitation and factors that might distract him.
  • When feeding the baby with the bottle, use a nipple of the right size and make sure it is completely filled with milk to prevent swallowing.
  • Do not shake the contents of the bottle to prevent the formation of foam and thus the air that the baby swallows.
  • Give the baby one Infacol pipette - 0.5 ml before each meal. Infacol helps both the elimination of gas and the relief of belly pain.

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