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Quick and fun snacks for small guests

Quick and fun snacks for small guests

Party with children? A cheerful madness that you deserve to fully enjoy. Many times, however, the preparations exhaust you, and at the "moment of the cake" you no longer have the energy to fully enjoy the smiles of the little ones.

Find out some quick solutions for preparing some fun, ingenious, non-refusing snacks:

Soricei cheese and sausage

Cheese is a very healthy and nutritionally valuable food for the growth of the little ones. Because it is not always a favorite, you can find the binder that will turn the snack into an eagerly awaited adventure. An example is the "cheese mouse".

Cut small triangles from the cheese cubes. Something fine, so place a donut near the two angles - these will be the ears - and two pieces of olives close to the third angle - the eyes.

The same friendly sorghum can be made using slices of Milk Core small vegetables pickles instead of ears - you can choose slices of cucumbers.

Penguins made of olives and cheese

You may not know, but cheese can take the form of ... penguins. You need two olives without seeds, cow's cheese, a toothpick and a little boiled carrot.

Cut the carrot rounds and inflict the toothpick in one of them - these are the penguin's legs. Fill an olive with cheese cream and pass it through toothpicks, be careful to put it upright - you got the penguin's body. Put some cheese cream on the olive to make the penguin belly white.

Use the other olive to make the penguin's head. Put a piece of carrot in the middle of it (penguin's beak) and place it horizontally in the initial hole. Make sure you fit everything in such a way that the penguin's beak comes on the same side as the white tummy.

Garlic stuffed with cherry tomatoes, olives and salted biscuits

Nothing easier! You need round salted biscuits, Something fine cheese cream, cherry tomatoes and olives.

Spread some cream cheese on each biscuit, cut in half tomatoes and then quarter and arrange on biscuits. Make a garlic head from an olive and attach it to the sandwich to complete the butterfly.

Rabbits from boiled eggs or from Milk Core

The easiest way to decorate boiled eggs to please the little guests is to turn them into ... bunnies.

You need shelled eggs and sliced ​​carrot pieces for mustaches, ears and eyeballs. Attach the carrot pieces to each egg and the processing is safe: a nice rabbit head. The tongue can be made from a small piece of red pepper.

The same can be done using the Milk Core instead of the boiled egg - for the juicy little ones who do not have the egg on the list of preferences. Instead of carrot you can use chunks of red pepper.

Attract the little ones to the table by drawing inspiration from them The most fun sandwiches for the nicest kids.

How do you decorate or arrange snacks to make them more appealing to children? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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