Baby's bath before the fall of the navel

Baby's bath before the fall of the navel

One of the caring rituals that give the most emotions of new parents is the newborn's bath. But if some important steps are observed for the safety of the baby, the bath will become one of the most relaxing and fun times of the day, both for the parents, but especially for the little ones who are just waiting to swing in the tub with water.

Is it okay or not to bathe your baby before the navel falls?

Many parents prefer to wait until the fall of the umbilical cord and complete healing of the navel to take a bath in the fall of the baby. Until then, clean the baby with a soft sponge or cloth and damp in delicate areas (face, neck, ass, folds). This is because the belly is the most sensitive area in the first days of life, and until it dries and falls, local infections can be installed.

Pediatricians, however, claim that it is okay to bathe the baby even before the umbilical cord is removed. It is important that after the bath, gently wipe the area of ​​the navel (by buffering, with a sterile compress) and apply a local disinfectant: medicinal alcohol, oxygenated water, betadine or Baneocin powder. Do not press on the belly because you are at risk of bleeding.

Continue cleaning the navel and applying disinfectants and after the fall of the umbilical cord, until complete healing.

Tips and safety measures for baby's bath

Both before and after detachment of the umbilical cord, a bath is practiced daily, in the evening, before the meal. Of course, you need to take some precautionary measures and follow some simple and essential steps, so that your baby will have a pleasant experience every time you make a bath:

Don't leave the baby unattended

Do not leave the child unattended, not even for a fraction of a second. If you happen to need to answer the phone or call someone at the door while you are in the bathroom, call someone to watch the baby or take the towel out of the tub and take it with you. A newborn can drown in water with a depth of less than 3 centimeters.

Make sure you have everything you need so that you don't have to move during bathing. Take a towel, a clean diaper and spare clothes.

Take care at the water temperature

The water must be warm and not more than 38 degrees Celsius. The child may suffer third degree burns in less than one minute in very hot water. Do not fill the tub with very much water, 5, maximum 7 centimeters of hot water are sufficient. Always make sure to hold the baby's head with one hand and use the other hand to wash it.

Use ONLY special baby care products

During bathing, use neutral pH soap or a delicate shampoo, specially designed for delicate and sensitive baby skin care.

Choose only products tested and recognized by specialists as beneficial for the healthy development of the child. Johnson's Top to Toe is specially designed to cleanse the baby's vulnerable skin.

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