Families with two children: truths, joys and challenges

Families with two children: truths, joys and challenges

The family with two children seems to be the prototype of the happy, healthy and long-lived family. It seems that number two, when it comes to the number of children a couple has to have, is the magic one. Regardless of the financial, emotional, psychological stress and frustrations that arise when the family grows up, most couples reach the same conclusion: two children are the number that seems to reach them. Here are some realities, challenges and characteristics to expect if the second child comes or you plan to raise your family soon!

Family benefits with two children

Families with two children seem to attract on their side all the strengths of a happy family. The researchers found that they are longer-lived, parents healthier and feel more fulfilled than couples with only one child or more.

The main benefit of having a brother appears in the development of both children. It goes without saying that when there are two parents, children have more to learn. According to psychologists, and even from the experience of parents who have two children, siblings are the perfect antidote for spoiling and tearing.

Siblings also become an efficient method of learning important life principles and lessons: both children learn faster and easier to share toys and things, to care for one another, to be more sociable and responsible.

The benefits of having a second child are also on your side. Beyond stress, fatigue and worry, you will appreciate more the second pregnancy, but also the baby period of the second child. Now you are already experienced in child care and you will have the opportunity to make the most of the maternity period and to enjoy your baby.

In addition, think it will be easier for you to grow it, because you are already an expert in changing diapers, preparing milk, treating fever, calling a pediatrician, going to the hospital and other common problems that arise in parenting and child care. You know what to expect and you're more prepared. You will not go through the same periods of stress and anxiety as when you first became a mother.

It seems that you also benefit from health. It has been shown that parents with two children are healthier. It presents less risk of heart attack, cancer and falling into the passion of alcohol than those with one or more children.

Challenges of family with two children

Families with two children have no disadvantages, but rather face challenges that make them stronger. The joys and fulfillment of having a large family are far more important than the hardships and they become the source of energy and power to successfully overcome and overcome problems.

Financial stress is the first on the list of concerns and causes of parents' problems with two children. With the appearance of the brother, the expenses increase, despite the constant income of the family. Take into account the possibility of increasing the income, borrowing the things and objects necessary for the care of the second child, remove from the "naphthalene" the baby clothes of the first child and take advantage of any reductions and help offered.

A second big problem you can face when you become the mother of two children is time, which gets you out of control. If even with a child it was difficult enough to set aside time for your personal, social life and small pleasures, as the family grows, you will notice how time becomes totally unfriendly to you. You have almost no time left, except to take care of your two children.

Even so, there are still solutions to not completely neglect your personal life and, especially, the life of a couple, which many moms tend to pass ... three, after the two children. The solutions in this regard also depend on the age difference between the children. If they are about the same age, then you can synchronize their sleep, eating, playing, breastfeeding, etc. programs to save time.

And even if there is the age difference between them, you can still overlay some programs: food and play, even if they involve other activities or foods. To make it easier for you, involve the older brother as much as possible in caring for the new family member.

Another problem that comes with the joy of being the mother or parent of two children is fatigue or exhaustion. Taking care of two children, one of whom is a baby, is not easy at all. In addition to this task that you are busy with all the time, taking care of the house, being a good wife and having a social life also seems like a beautiful dream, difficult to fulfill. The solution is to organize and prioritize and to ask the help of others, when you need it.

Call your parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, friends to help you take care of your child or solve some of your chores.

Another major disadvantage begins to occur when the children begin to grow up and the fraternal rivalry begins, accompanied by feelings of jealousy, frustration, aggression, etc. There are feelings that the two friends tend to point at each other frequently. It is for this reason that the early preparation of the older child for the world's coming of the brother is essential to prevent him from developing feelings of jealousy and frustration. In this way, he understands that your love for him will not be affected in any way.

Involving the older child in caring for the baby is another method of approaching him and prevents the development of a feeling of frustration or jealousy. There are a lot of frustrations that occur when you have more children. It is important to understand them and find the best solutions for you and your family.

Even if sometimes you have to swallow and feel dry or give in, it is important to get up and move on. In addition, it is advisable to always see the full side of the glass and be glad that you are a mom of ten, strong and healthy, able to take care of everything and everything.

How many children do you have? If you have more children, tell us the secrets of their care and how to deal with the challenges of raising your family, in the comments section below!

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