When are snacks bad for the child?

When are snacks bad for the child?

Snacks are like a two-edged sword in your child's diet. They are nutritious foods that have the role of quickly alleviating the hunger sensation that includes the child after intense episodes of play or after several demanding hours at school. Many parents do not understand that these snacks require strict rules in the child's menu. They get to offer fatty foods, processed industrially or junk-food type, whose nutritional contribution is zero, but very high in terms of calories, and can even replace a meal. This is when the snacks you give your little one can become enemies of his health!

Fat and hypercalorie snacks, without nutritional benefits

At a young age, the activity level of the child is increased and consumes a lot of energy and calories during the day. That is why, from time to time, he needs to "recharge the batteries" for new rounds of play or activities that require it from a physical and intellectual point of view. Here are the snacks and their rich nutritional intake!

Some parents do not understand that snack portions should be substantially smaller compared to main meals and that the foods chosen for these meals should be rich in vitamins and minerals, essential for energizing the body. They should also bring in as little calories as possible.

Due to lack of time and ideas, but also for convenience, many parents choose to offer their children snacks bought or junk food - packaged cakes, sticks, chips, chocolates, fries, etc. - high in fat, harmful food additives and calories, but without a rich and valuable nutritional contribution for its development. Not taking into account the quantity and quality of the preparations offered as snacks, parents increase the risk of obesity and serious health problems in children.

Unlimited snacks, throughout the day

There are parents who do not understand that the daily snacks offered to the child should be integrated responsibly into the child's meal program. They are not the equivalent of a main meal and cannot be consumed throughout the day.

Snacks are prepared that are offered to children only twice a day, between the main meals - between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. They are nutritious and healthy preparations that partially alleviate the hunger of the child and help him to resist until the main meal.

Parents sometimes make the mistake of believing that if the foods offered as snacks are healthy - fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, sticks and biscuits from whole grains, rice with milk, etc. - can be offered to the child at any time and in any quantity.

The little one gets to eat all day, without measure, from a lot of preparations that put their mark on his health. Whether or not they are healthy, the child's snacks should be limited in his / her daily food schedule. Even though they are nutritious, they are not without calories, therefore, they must be offered with caution and responsibility.

Snacks offered as a reward or bribe

Snacks become a danger to the child's health and development and when offered as a reward or blackmail method. When you bribe the child with a cake or candy to be happy in a certain situation or "reward" him with a hamburger for school performance or successful in a certain activity, you just develop unhealthy eating habits.

The child will condition the foods of success and performance and will be expected to receive "something good" every time he wins a game, takes a good note or will be listener. It is a danger to which many parents expose their children involuntarily, and which they are aware of, often too late.

It is important to develop healthy eating habits and never condition your eating behavior. In addition, it is advisable to follow the rules related to snacks and how to include them in the daily food program, so as to raise a beautiful, smart and strong child.

Do you know any other cases where you think that snacks can be harmful to the child? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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