5 food mistakes I learned from my parents

5 food mistakes I learned from my parents

Not all eating habits that we were raised by parents are healthy and recommended to be taught later, to our children! From giving sweets to rewards, administering snacks without measure and until emptying the plate with food from each meal - there are several eating mistakes learned in childhood, which parents still tend to apply. Discover more, but also effective solutions against them!

"Eat everything from the plate"

It is one of the replicas that still gives cold backs to many of us. There are still people who are completely traumatized by this repeated urge obsessed by their parents in childhood. Many parents, in the desire to ensure that their children receive the daily nutrients needed to grow large, almost force them to eat everything from the plate.

However, they do not understand that a healthy child knows its own limits when it comes to nutrition. If he says he can't, he means it is. Or if he leaves three Sundays on the plate, it does not mean that his health will suffer.

Avoid forcing your child to eat everything from the plate, if his growth does not suffer, he is active and healthy.

No snacks between meals! It spoils your appetite!

Isn't that how you went through the experience in which your parents or grandparents were not allowed to taste anything between meals, in order not to spoil your appetite? Their biggest fear was that they would no longer properly eat at the main tables.

They tended to indulge you in the first way, the second and dessert at lunch and two at dinner, instead of giving you the chance to eat a little and often, with the 5 daily meals recommended by nutritionists: 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

Random snacks, without boredom

At the pole opposite the parents who did not offer snacks at all to the children are those who gave them no measure. In the past, there is fear and shame that the child may not complain that he is hungry and tell the world that his parents leave him unattended. From here came the uncontrolled and irregular eating, but also the risk of digestive problems and obesity.

Do not give the child snacks with ruthlessness, whenever he complains that he is hungry. Limit yourself to the two snacks between tables recommended by doctors and make sure they are healthy and satisfying, but do not replace a main meal.

"You deserve a desert today!" Desert as a reward or bribe method

Parents know how much they like children to eat sweets and cakes and use them as a currency for good deeds or to persuade them to behave in a certain way. You may also remember the time when desert was used as a discipline tool.

Specialists argue that it is contraindicated to use food as a reward or condition them for behaviors. Thus, you send a wrong message to the child, who will refuse to eat when he is behaving badly or you will tell him that he was naughty. He will consider that he does not deserve to eat, because he did not behave properly.

Hurry up, you're late for school!

How many times have you not been timed when you had breakfast before kindergarten or school, and you were eager to eat faster? Do you do the same with your child? Young children are slower in all the activities they undertake and very few parents show the necessary patience with them.

Pushing the baby back to eat faster is a harmful eating habit, which will impact his digestive health and beyond. It is better to wake him up 10 minutes earlier and let him eat in peace than to worry him about not eating his food.

What other eating habits did you learn from childhood? Tell us your story, in the comments section below!

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