Blockbuster aerospace and aerospace exhibition at Sun Plaza between August 1 and October 8

Blockbuster aerospace and aerospace exhibition at Sun Plaza between August 1 and October 8

Sun Plaza hosts during the period August 1 - October 8 the aerospace and aerospace exhibition ABOVE AND BEYOND, presented by Boeing and made in collaboration with NASA and the Smithsonian Museum of Aeronautics in Washington. All those who want to explore the planes and spacecraft that will change our lives and the world are waiting for the exhibition. Admission is free.

Sun Plaza wants to offer its clients captivating, memorable, unprecedented experiences by interacting with the components of the exhibition, encouraging them to aim as high as possible and to fulfill their dreams by making it impossible, possible.

First coming to Romania, ABOVE AND BEYOND is an interactive and multi-sensory exhibition that celebrates the power of innovation and the joy of flight. From flying cars and supersonic planes to space elevators and mega missiles, ABOVE AND BEYOND will take visitors faster (Faster), further (Further) and higher (Higher) in a unique experience.

The exhibition occupies 578 square meters and offers interactive demonstrations of unprecedented aviation innovation, from the first motorized flights to the newest innovations on Earth and from space.

Visitors can venture into five galleries containing dozens of interactive displays. They can climb to the edge of the space with a lift - simulator or they can test the design of their own supersonic fighter aircraft in a flying speed contest. Also, families or groups of friends can see what a bird feels like in a flock, while participating in a flight experience based on motion sensors.

Flight simulations, interactive displays, augmented reality are examples of what the exhibition has to offer to better understand the principles of flight.

And as the sky was never the limit, visitors to this exhibition:

• they can design - and test their own supersonic plane;
• I can pilot the drone right in the center of the hurricane to collect storm information;
• they can extend their wings to experience the flight as a bird or as a futuristic plane with mobile wings;
• I can take the elevator to the edge of the space.

Here are some important things to know about the ABOVE AND BEYOND exhibition:

• 3.5 million people from all over the world have already enjoyed this experience;
• At the creation of this interactive exhibition, a lot of specialists from different fields worked, including aviation and aerospace experts, specialists in history or archives, as well as engineers and designers.
• NASA is a cooperating partner in this project.
• It is presented in important scientific centers and in flight museums;
• It has also been presented at the Smithsonian National Museum of Air and Space (Washington DC), the Saint Louis Scientific Center (Missouri), as well as the National Maritime Museum (London) or the Scitech Center (Saudi Arabia).

The exhibition is free and can be visited on the ground floor and on the first floor in Sun Plaza.

ABOVE AND BEYOND - Exhibition galleries


• Digital Timeline: An interactive screen shows visitors the calendar with inventors and inventions that have transformed the world through flight.

• Beyond the limits: A circular space introduces visitors to the center of the exhibition. They benefit from a complex sensory experience - watch a three-minute video at stunning resolution with surround sound.



• Spread Your Wings: Group flight experience, where, with the help of motion-based technology and video graphics, visitors are transformed into virtual birds. They explore the forces of flight - lifting, weight, pushing and firing - while leaning to take the direction or flapping their wings to fly.

- Visitors find out why birds can fly and they don't.
- Visitors can be seen on a screen, magically transformed into birds
- Visitors migrate to the tropics in a V band

• Take Flight !: Virtual 3D models illustrate the key innovations and science behind them. Visitors choose a model of six devices (balloon, airplane, plane, rocket, etc.) and then fly with it and find out how it works.


• Full Throttle: The principles of aerodynamics are used by visitors to draw virtual fighter jets. Then, the visitors can compete in a speed competition in flight.

• Shock Waves: Allows the visitor to test an aerodynamic tunnel.


• Elevator to Space: Visitors ascend to Earth's orbit in a future space elevator - during the climb they will see images from space that will cut their breath and display information about atmospheric pressure, air temperature, altitude. Even before returning to Earth, more windows open to give a panoramic view of the Earth, then to follow a descent at full speed.


• Marathon to Mars: Augmented reality gives visitors the chance to experience the flight to Mars.

• Future Spacecraft: Visitors will be able to see first-hand the innovations that will make the space accessible to everyone.

• The Light Stuff: With the help of a resistance test (with the hammer) visitors will discover why composite materials, lightweight and resistant, help airplanes fly further with less fuel.


• Space Junk: Visitors have a time limit when they need to find solutions to eliminate space debris.

• RoboFlyers: Visitors launch their own flying robots.

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