Diet with pineapple

Diet with pineapple

The pineapple diet is one of the most popular diets, but as controversial and criticized as the cabbage soup. It is a restrictive diet and can not be kept long term, but if you manage to cope with them for 3-5 days, you have the chance to lose up to 3 kilos!

The benefits of pineapple for weight loss

Weight loss treatment with pineapple is considered a monodiet. This means that its menu is shaped around the benefits of a single food, in this case - pineapple. Pineapple was included in the category of foods with negative calories, ie foods that use more calories than they contain to be digested.

Rich in vitamin C, thiamine, potassium and manganese, pineapple has a detoxifying effect on the body and stimulates metabolism to burn fat. Pineapple is a low calorie fruit, but rich in water, which helps prevent constipation and eliminates toxins from the body.

3 days diet with pineapple

There are many variants of the diet with pineapple. One of the most popular and used is the 3 days, which focuses on pineapple consumption in combination with fish, more specifically with tuna. It is a fairly restrictive and poor food cure, which requires a lot of willpower to be completed.

On the first day of the diet, only one pineapple is eaten all day, and large quantities of water are drunk. The pineapple is portioned so that it is consumed throughout the day.

The next day, besides the pineapple and water, you can add 2 tuna cans in the menu, between the pineapple tables. It is a slightly more nutritionally consistent day, which gives the body the energy and vitamins it needs in order not to break in front of the activities of the day.

The third day of the diet resumes the menu of the first day, in which one eats only pineapple and drinks water. At the end of the 3 days, the scale can look 2-3 kg less, due to the minimum caloric intake provided to the body during the diet.

Dietary precautions with pineapple

The diet of pineapple weight cannot be kept long term and is subject to the risk of the well-known "yo-yo effect". Being a very restrictive and aggressive diet with the body, there is a risk that after 3-5 days of diet, the lost kilograms will return to place and be accompanied by a "bonus", if you resume your normal eating style.

Doctors argue that the healthiest and safest way to lose weight with pineapple is to introduce the fruit in a nutritionally balanced menu, consisting of healthy and low-calorie foods - fatty dairy products, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, etc.

Nutritionists advise people who want to lose weight to use pineapple as an adjuvant in a balanced diet, not rely solely on it to eliminate extra pounds.

This way, you have the chance to lose weight, but also maintain the long-term effect, without the risk of the yo-yo effect.

Have you ever eaten a pineapple diet? How much did you manage to lose? Has the effect been sustained in the long term? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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