New i-Size approval standard and Cybex position

New i-Size approval standard and Cybex position

Have you heard about the new i-Size approval standard for car seats for children? Don't know what this is about? Now you have the opportunity to find out all or almost everything about the new European regulations regarding the safety of car seats for children, essential information that parents should know.

I-Size has 5 fundamental principles

1. Encourages the use of the Isofix system - the main target is to reduce the risk of incorrect installation.

2. The i-Size regulation becomes obligatory for the car seats that are fixed with the rear in the direction of travel, for children up to 15 months.

3. Incorporate new side impact tests and use the new Q series dummies, which have multiple sensors.

4. It will use a higher system base so that the seat is easier to use by the users to understand what is the correct size of the seat to fit the child.

5. Eventually, it is proposed that all i-Size certified vehicles be compatible with i-Size seats.

We anticipate that i-Size car seats will become available by the end of 2013, but with a wider spread starting in 2014.

Are i-Size car seats safer than those of the current R44 standard?

This obviously depends on the make and type of car seat. The target of the profiling companies, including those of CYBEX Germany, has always been and remains to ensure the highest level of safety, especially in the case of side impact and to bring new technologies to the market. By increasingly encouraging the ISOFIX system and by clearly mentioning the seat depending on the size of the child, the risk of misuse of the chair should be reduced and therefore we support the move to i-Size over the next few years.

Do I own a seat with the i-Size standard and should I stop using the seat with the R44 standard?

No - the current ECE R44 legal standard will continue to be available, in parallel with the i-Size standard, until approximately 2018.

There is no legislation in force or obligation for the consumer to replace the current chair with a chair with the i-Size standard.

According to the information provided by experts from CYBEX Germany, all car seats that are currently marketed comply with the highest safety standards and comply with the legislation in force and can be used with full confidence.

What test institutes say about using the front cushion system

Numerous tests carried out by specialized institutions and organizations have shown that the safest form of transport for children is with the back in the direction of travel, followed by the use of the front cushion.

Front-seat car seats have consistently achieved top results in tests conducted by top independent organizations in Europe, such as "Stiftung Warentest" in Germany, "Which Magazine" in the UK, "que choisir" in France, and and by the ADAC car clubs in Germany and ANWB in the Netherlands. If you compare the results of the Stiftung Warentest tests from 2007 to 2012, you can see that the top of the three best car seats in Group 1 (approx. 9 months - 4 years) is occupied by the front cushion car seats. In Group 1/2/3 (approx. 9 months - 12 years), the superiority of the seats with front cushion is even more evident: 9 seats out of the top 10, are seats with front cushion.

In last year's Stiftung Warentest and ADAC tests, for the first time in test history, a Group 1 car seat received the "very good" rating in the "accident safety" category, respectively the winner of Group 1 was CYBEX Juno-fix, a seat with front cushion (Stiftung Warentest, 6/2012).

In the case of conventional car seats with their own safety harnesses, there are statistics, studies and reports on serious or fatal accidents, especially in the critical area of ​​the head and neck. In the case of a frontal impact, which is often closely related to high speed, the child is exposed to enormous forces. It has been found that the front cushion used by CYBEX has a huge advantage over its own safety harnesses. In simulated frontal collisions, in the case of traditional car seats, a significantly greater force appears in the critical area of ​​the neck, compared to the car seats with front cushion.

Top independent institutions continue to reward CYBEX and other manufacturers that use the front cushion, receiving some of the best accreditation for safety in the field.

What is the position of CYBEX?

Engineers from CYBEX, a company that produces and opens roads with regard to the safety offered to children during car transport, is continuously working with specialists from other top brands and with authorized institutions to develop this new standard. As a road safety starter, CYBEX welcomes this initiative and supports new standards that increase child safety in vehicles. CYBEX fully supports i-Size as the ISOFIX system, the side impact and the reverse gear up to 15 months already represent the company's principles when developing new car seats.

Which CYBEX car seat model is currently part of the i-Size group?

CYBEX pioneer Sirona redefines car safety since children from birth to 18 kg (approx. 4 years) can sit comfortably with their backs in the direction of maximum safety. At the same time it offers unbeatable functionality and design. The intelligent 360 ° rotation system makes life easier and has no back pain for parents - as it facilitates access when the child is seated and taken from the seat and can be adjusted from the back position to the driving direction to the forward position, without disassembling the seat.