Life with two children under two years - challenges and solutions

Life with two children under two years - challenges and solutions

There are couples who want to have two children of near age, which is why they choose the second baby to come to the world as soon as possible after the first born. In other families, the second task may appear unplanned, taking future parents by surprise. Whatever the situation, it will be quite difficult for mothers and fathers because they have two babies to take care of, each with its own needs.

Life in such a family can be a real challenge, which requires a lot of patience, care and strong nerves from parents.

There will be days when you will simply feel exhausted. It will not be easy when the big one starts crying because he wants food, and the little one has colic or his teeth go out. Take a deep breath, gather your strengths and never shed your nerves on one of the children, but also on other family members.

Feelings of guilt can arise

A mother with two children will be tempted by guilt and will feel that she is favoring one of the babies. In order to overcome such feelings one must know that situations will always arise in which one child will need more protection than the other (for example, when one of the children is ill or when one is sleeping harder and needs to be swept away), but she doesn't have to feel guilty.

To avoid guilt feelings, spend beautiful moments with each of the little ones separately. How can you do that? It is quite simple, since you can only play with one of the children while the father devotes time to the other. Then you exchange roles, after which you can spend pleasant moments with everyone.

Jealousy may arise between the brothers

When the older child sees that the newborn baby comes to the family undergoing a different treatment, the feeling of jealousy automatically occurs. So no wonder he'll start crying when he sees you take the other diaper in his arms. He may also want to breastfeed or want to eat only from his mother, in no case alone, because he sees his brother or sister in the breast.

What do you do when a child becomes jealous of the time you spend with your brother or sister? You need a lot of patience to handle the situation, to explain to the elderly that the baby needs more protection.

Time for you, limited

The two children may have different sleep programs, which is the case in most cases, which means that, for you, as a mother, practically, you have enough time for rest. One trick that could work with the passage of time is to put the second born first to sleep, because it needs more hours of rest, then the other child, so that they wake up both at once, and during who sleep so you can rest.

If you feel that you are not coping and fatigue is breaking you down, do not hesitate to seek the help of your husband, a family member or call a nanny.

If you make plans and fail to accomplish them, do not get impatient. There are days when you will succeed in doing everything you have proposed, but there are also bad days, when nothing comes out. It is perfectly normal, such things happen in families where there is only one child or where the age difference between children is greater.

A program will help you

If you have two children as quiet as you are, then find out how you can create a routine to stick to. Thus, it can be very helpful for you to wake up at the same time every morning, 15 minutes before you know I am doing the prying eyes. Those can be your moments of peace, in which to meditate and take your energy for the next day.

Focus only on the pleasant moments, do not remember the difficult moments, because such an attitude does not bring you anything good.

It responds to the needs of each of the little ones

The life with two children in diapers will be sprinkled with dozens of moments during the day, when both children will need you. Learn to prioritize everyone's needs. For example, if your little baby needs to be fed, and then the big one asks you to play with it, it is ideal to have a few toys to hand.

While he is playing, you can feed the little one. After you are done breastfeeding, make sure you play with the other child for at least a few minutes. Thus, you also cannot generate feelings of jealousy between them.

How do you do it when you have to leave home

Difficult times are also when you have to leave with your two children at home, either in the park or if you have a doctor's appointment. Consider how long it takes you to prepare for both of your travels and start preparing early so that you are not late.

If you have a car, it is ideal to keep your luggage ready for the trip, in the event of unforeseen situations. Put in diapers, toys, medicines, bottles.

The big baby can help you

You know very well that every child learns by imitating the behavior of parents. So take advantage of this and let it help you with your baby. It can help you, for example, bring your clothes to change the little one or bring your favorite toys when he needs them.

When I both cry

With two young children, it is impossible for there to be times when the two of them cry at the same time because they are hungry and want to be fed. It is not easy to manage, but not impossible. Feed first the child who needs the most food, then the other.

If one of the babies is crying because he just fell and got hit, and the other is crying because he wants to be held in his arms, take care of the little one crying because he fell. Of course, any parent will want to make sure that both children are safe and happy and you will know how to balance the balance and find the best methods so that the little ones will cry as little as possible.

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