Calculating the age of the fetus

Calculating the age of the fetus


- Is it possible for a child at birth to have 2.1 kg, when the sexual contact took place on 08.08.2004, and the child was born on 03.03.2005? And the mother at birth was 18 years and three months, menstruating over pregnancy. How to calculate the age of the fetus if the first day of the last menstruation was to say August 1st? How many weeks has your baby been born? A preterm baby born while in the incubator? Thank you!


Taking into account only the age of pregnancy at the time of delivery (birth), calculated in your case after the sexual contact considered fertile, it would appear that this child was born prematurely, at 30-31 weeks, but even in the case of a child born at term there are many situations that cause a certain delay in intrauterine growth.
If it has happened that the menstruation overlaps the pregnancy, then it is more difficult to calculate based on the menstrual cycles the gestational age, and in this case the age of the pregnancy established ultrasound is taken into account (depending on the device and the experience of the person who performs the ultrasounds there may be differences of appreciation of 2 weeks plus or minus); if to take into account the sexual contact supposed to be fertile, add 9 months to the date when the contact took place and the probable date of birth is obtained (in the case of a child born at term) - in your case 08 Aug + 9 months = 08 it would have been the date when your baby was born on time.

If the menstruation is regular before pregnancy and there is no situation of a menstruation superimposed over the pregnancy period, then add 9 months to the date when the last menstruation started plus 10 days (in the case chosen by you Aug 1 + 9 months = May 01 + 10 days = 10 May as the probable date of the birth of a term baby).

Being a premature fetus, it will stay in the incubator until a certain degree of maturation of its vital organs is achieved, which will allow it to survive without problems. It should be kept in mind that in the case of children in general the situation can worsen very quickly, therefore the decision to remove him from the incubator must be very well justified by the vital parameters of the newborn.
A premature newborn may have major difficulties with the simple act of breathing, coping with neonatal jaundice (yellow coloration of the skin due to bilirubin deposition resulting from hemoglobin metabolism in maternal hematomas), digestive tolerance to milk feeding . So the decision to remove a premature newborn from the incubator belongs to the neonatologist.

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